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Step 2: Multitool - The right tool for the right jobSince you can't carry a toolbox in your pocket, carrying a good quality multitool will give you quick access to many of the tools you might need. Step 6: IbuprofenChances are that at some point during the undead holocaust, you will be in pain. Step 7: MultivitaminsIn the event of a long term siege, you may not have enough food to hold out for long. Step 8: Antibiotic ointmentA small first aid kit sized tube of Neosporin or the generic equivalent will help with the healing and prevention of infection in non-bite wounds. Step 13: Caffeine pillsWhen you're running for your life or trying to stay awake on your watch, a little caffeine might just be enough to keep you alert and moving.

Step 16: Mental PreparednessNo pocket sized packet of tools will help you if you cannot think on your feet and improvise. Not everyone has the time and resources to buy a mountaintop fortress stocked with three years worth of canned goods. They are all unique and may have a variety of charms (the photos included are examples of what we’ve made so far). As the old adage goes, knowledge is power, and this simple sheet of paper could be your brain's extra battery. PLUS it’s your handy-dandy checklist in case you start to forget the basics when under stress (like running from zombies).

It includes a variety of weapons, tools (shovels, axes, lanterns, binoculars, etc), survival basics (forks, spoons… wine bottle openers) and all the other things that will not only keep you alive, but keep you happy after the zombie apocalypse. You have certainly heard about the terrorist attack in a small town in Arizona, where the terrorists detonated a nuclear bomb, but did you know this bomb was actually launched by an Air Force bomber? What could be so dangerous that the government would destroy thousands of it's own citizens as collateral damage?

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