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In the end, Zombies have become a pop cultural phenomenon and much has been done to make it a topic of trends and current media. That said, have you ever had those times when you and your friends talked about zombie scenarios?
My only single gripe with this game is how time is represented in days, and you can technically play up to 2-4 days. The main stream media introduced movies like Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Zombieland, and so much more. I remember days in high school, reading Max Brooks books The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, taking those tips to heart, learning everything about how to repel from zombies, and thinking of numerous ways to deal with them in order to survive.
Have you ever had exciting story-driven conversations about:  planning the ideal locations, securing the necessary weapons, scavenging for food, your ways of transportation, attacking strategies, and the final rest haven?
Like most video game survival horror genres (like Resident Evil and Left4Dead), the basis of the game is to survive on a day-to-day basis. Similar to the success of Double Fine’s Adventure game, the Kickstarter pledges skyrocketed and exceeded the goal by reaching $210,237 with 2,045 backers! The attack, skill levels, and movement of your character are predetermined and relevant to the dice roll.
The game setup and rules seem much more simplistic than Dungeons and Dragons, but still has the control and depth it would offer.

Though completed school in nursing, he pursues a career in writing and education to encourage other writers to write what they anything. When you put it that way it does make perfect sense, especially when it comes down the beginning of it all, like how the story is for the Zombie iPhone ap Zombies Run!
The comic book The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirkman, was able to spawn a hit TV show on AMC, which won awards in Best Sound Editing: Long Form Sound Effects and Foley in Television by the 59th annual Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel awards. I have and many times it would end in hilarity, or dismay due to the possible seriousness of it. The game revolves around 2-4 players fighting their way through tunnels, sewer grates, hotels, and wastelands (more coming soon) while finding any means to stay alive. This obviously enabled the game to come into creation, and it was able to become the 2nd most funded board game on Kickstarter!
The pieces, like the 4 squad sheets, make this easier to approach since everything to adjust for each personal character is on that board. It’s great to see how much a community can back a project and also how far this game has gotten from beyond its original goal. Along with that, the gaming industry came up with hit games like Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Left4Dead, Killing Floor, Plants vs. Though we laugh about it, we think about the horror of a city coming to ruins and shambles and the living dead coming after us.

Naturally in any zombie scenario you must acquire things like food, guns, ammo, and combine combat, resource collecting, character development, teamwork and strategy in order for your team to survive. I will give it credit that the game is still in development, and I don’t personally look into forums for any game updates.
We at Gigaventure also gave a helping hand and we are excited for this game, so that we can live out our fantasies surviving in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. This person controls obstacles (to an extent) in the game to reveal a story or reveal tentative situations. The beginning starts off with the player assigning their stats and continues on with them earning victory points by means of creating defenses, killing zombies, and finishing goals.
Perhaps once the game is fully released it may change that or maybe the idea of days may seem much more logical.
Naturally the one with the most points is the winner, but it’s also very important since these acts as experience points toward leveling up a character.
So luckily they added more content like: K-mini expansions, new game tiles, more weapon cards, Z-Master expansion, more zombie models, more unique hero miniatures, and a lot more!

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