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Now that everyone and their next door neighbor has a copy of Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide sitting on their bookshelf (zombie contingency plans seem to be all the rage now), being a zombie, and not getting your head blown off, has never been more difficult. John Austin’s new book is the anti-Zombie Survival Guide, chock full of cool illustrations and diagrams intended to make undead living a bit easier. This entry was posted in Zombie Books and tagged Handbook For The Newly Undead, John Austin, So Now You're A Zombie. Found this book whilst shambling through Barnes and Noble the other day searching for living flesh.

If you've seen the trailer, then most of what you see of the zombies is a big CGI blur of dirty gritty people running like crazy, climbing on top of each other, pushing forward.
On a side note, the screening I attended was sponsored by the New York City International Film Festival.
Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a retired UN investigator who is called out of retirement to investigate the pandemic that is spiralling out of control across the globe. I've had membership to Regal Crown Club for several years now and about half a year ago had joined AMC Stubs .

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