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Dying Light revolves around the player travelling across vast urban environments devastated by the zombie outbreak searching for supplies and utilising this to craft weapons; however, at night-time the monsters come out to play, and survivors will need to use all they have, including their wits, to persist. Exor Studios has revealed that free DLC in the form of a new Survival game mode is on the way for its action driving title Zombie Driver. Players’ skills will be tested against waves of zombies on a new set of arenas created for the new gameplay.
A demo for the title that includes the first three levels of story mode was recently released on Steam. There’s a game company that prides itself on having the highest production values on the market. The idea of the game is that each player has a house at the start of the zombie apocalypse.
The game starts out with what turns out to be one of the most important parts – stocking your house.
This first part is crucial because there are limited numbers of items, and if you miss your chance to grab the best car, you’ll be making the run into town in a Prius, and zombies will dismantle it before it can leave the driveway. One reason I liked this game, despite the fact that the movement rules for zombies left us all unsure as to when, exactly, a zombie comes in the house, is the rules for fighting. I would be lying if I said this was a good game, in the sense that Agricola or HeroScape are good games. I write crassly opinionated reviews of board games, card games, video games, comics, movies and whatever else crosses my mind. The extremely impressive visuals depicted in the images below come from Techland’s proprietary Chrome Engine 6.

The new mode will bring with it specific Steam online leaderboards and new achievements. No release date has been mentioned as of yet but the developer promises more details soon. Their games come with plastic miniatures, fully illustrated rulebooks, and the best art money can buy. They’re almost all horror games, and they usually feature big bags of plastic zombies.
Zombies will show up every turn, more and more of them, and you’ll have to shoot them to get them to go away. You’ll need lumber to blockade your doors, food to stock your fridge, a generator to power the house after the electricity fails, and most of all, you will need weapons. Other people will steal the sword and leave you with the crappy machete, or take the silencer so your rifle attracts zombies, or otherwise hose you as they stock their houses. Mostly, that will be fighting zombies to keep them away from the windows, but since four zombies show up every turn, you still won’t be able to stop them all.
Their rules are finely tuned and thoroughly tested, and the games that result from this dedication to quality are some of the best you can buy. I would think that having all those zombie games would mean that sooner or later, they would have to have something I like. The lights will go out, the water will go bad, food will go rotten, and people will come running up to your house begging to be allowed inside. It takes a little while to finish this part, but it is very important that you get it right. They’ll just keep coming, until they tear down the boards you put over the windows and pour into your house.

There’s a picture of a zombie in the lid, and you have to land the dice on his head to kill him. They leave out parts you might need, they have too much happening at once, and they left me with a headache (that may have been induced by look at the horribly bland art on the boards, but I still think it was the rules). But if you can overlook vague rules and art so boring it could be hanging in an accounting office waiting room, you just might have fun with Zombie Survival. The only parts of the game with decent art are the deck of event cards and the inside of the lid, and so most of the game looks like it was produced by a couple teenagers with a Xerox machine and some expensive cardstock. Of all the Twilight Creations games I have played, this one was the best, though that’s not saying much, because all the others really sucked. Don’t pay full price, or anything, but if you see it on sale, it might be worth a shot. You need at least one for every person in your house, because if you don’t have those, you are going to feel stupid when five zombies break through the doors and one guy with a kitchen knife is your only defense. In other words, things will go poorly, and you will all groan every time one of these cards flips up and destroys your crossbow or makes all your people hide in the toilet instead of doing something useful.
I have never played a game from Twilight Creations that I thought was even a reasonably decent game.

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