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Obviously the Paramount Marauder probably tops the list, but I was interested in seeing what was out there. OUTBREAK MANILAWhen in Manila and you want to try a UNIQUE kind of exercise, how about try exercising by RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE in Outbreak Manila Zombie Run!Outbreak Manila Zombie Run: The ZOMBIES are coming!What do your hamstrings and your survival skills have in common?
Outbreak Manila is a no-contact survival run where zombies are not allowed to touch runners, and likewise, runners are not allowed to hurt any zombies during the course.
Outbreak Manila is organized by Re-Create Events, and co-presented by Smart, Boardwalk, and Nuvali; in cooperation with Summit Water, 100 Plus, Booster C Energy Shot, Makeup Design Academy, Bellevue Manila, B Hotel, Splash Hygienix, Mogu Mogu, Impact High Performance Whey Protein. Re-Create Events engineers and brings to life concepts for races, corporate events, and different special occasions.
When we say zombie weapon, we are referring to a weapon that can effectively and quickly dispose of the undead, But more importantly we are referring to the right zombie weapon and survival tools for the endless situations you may find yourself in, in a post zombie apocalyptic world.
What you will find on this website are individual ratings comparisons & reviews on our favorite zombie ready weapons and gear.
I understand when the crap hits the fan, you wont have the luxury of browsing ebay or amazon online or waltzing into your local walmart or hunting supply store, unless you don’t mind competing against ten thousand other crazed, desperate, panicking individuals who never made it a priority to prepare either.
To give you a head start on collecting your armory and the necessary gear we put together this site to narrow down your selection in each weapon category taking in consideration, usefulness, quality, durability and cost effectiveness. As the teeth-gnashing undead were trying their damndest to feast on the flesh of fine-upstanding citizens, the main character, Gerry (played by Brad Pitt) did something pretty cool to protect himself. He took some duct tape and used it to wrap a magazine around his forearms so he wouldn’t get bitten as he fought back. These are the ones most people will just pick up as they could be lying around anywhere and used as improvised weapons.
You could also tape a phone book or a few magazines around your mid-section to use as protection against a knife-stabbing if you think about it. In any case, it’s a clever way to improvise items from your surroundings to help you escape a socially chaotic event, right?

Guns, jets, a lady godiva, Robert Downey Jr., the FPS Russia guy, and of course…ZOMBIES!!! With Call of Duty Black Ops 2 hitting the shelves November 13th, this will only make the wait all the more difficult. I was at a party this weekend, a phrase that used to mean one thing and now means something else entirely. The question was this: When the apocalypse comes, would you want you and your children to survive, only your children to survive, only you to survive, or everyone to go as quickly as possible in the first wave? Scott recommended all or nothing – you and the kids both live or both die – citing the idea that if the kids survive, you’d want to be around to take care of them. My knee-jerk answer was for the kids to survive but for me to sacrifice my own tragically limited grey matter by taking a dive off the highest, nearest cliff to Boulder, CO as soon as the zombie horde passed critical mass.
I imagine there are existential, metaphysical, technical, and moral implications beyond my grasp.
This entry was posted in Brain, Humor, parenting and tagged apocalypse, birthday party, birthday zombies, kids birthday party, parenting, zombie, zombie apocalypse, zombies. If internet quizzes have taught me anything, it’s that I will survive the zombie apocalypse. Congratulations to those who have already secured very limited slots. You guys are now officially zombie bait.
It’s a beyond-normal take on the popularity of fun runs, and the response so far has been no less than infectious. The company assures that the Outbreak Manila Zombie Run will spread in a major scale this 2012. From the basic aluminum baseball bat to the legendary Katana samurai sword to the most appropriate side-arm and more.
While my 7-year-old boy stared blissfully into the light breeze having his face painted by a classmate and his 5-year-old sister tried to catch his terrified friends and kill them with a badminton racket, I found myself chatting with a circle of dads.

He should know: his popular self-published book on how to retrofit a Sprinter van as an RV puts him in contact with a population of steampunk tinkerers who have looked the awful possibility of the apocalypse in the eye. It was knee-jerk because: can you imagine wishing for the death of your kids in any circumstance? But if you are running in a zombie-infested obstacle course, then it makes perfect sense.Start flexing those muscles and start watching zombie flick re-runs. When not in writing about school and sports on her website, Cheryl enjoys attending and writing about various events like concerts, plays, food trips and anything under the sun! Okay, he’s a Berkeley-trained PhD cellular biologist, but can you really trust the reasoning of a man who grows sponges? He said that he would choose to live after the apocalypse but wished a quick end for his kids. But on second thought, maybe leaving them the responsibility of continuing the human race amid certain awfulness is selfish? In four days, 5,000 people will gather at Outbreak Manila to race against time, terrain, and zombies.
The average person might think a few guns and a few hundred rounds, but the truth is the real survivors will be the ones with real all around weapon mastery.
His reasoning is that the post-apocalypse world would suck, but that as an adult he was equipped to handle it emotionally and physically in a way that would destroy the souls of children.

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