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I used a layered effect to put the box together and I love how it cam out, I started with a large red rectangle cut with the paper cutter and then a smaller white rectangle to go inside.
After making the outside cute, I had to make sure there was a bunch of fun stuff on the inside as well! Would you like to check out some more great Back to School ideas that you can do with the Expressions Vinyl?! Summer is flying by and with hopes of starting each year just a little bit more organized than the last, I wanted to make my teacher gift early this year. These little organizational containers are super affordable at the craft store and I used vinyl from Expressions Vinyl because they have the best deal and quality on vinyl in town, and trust me, I use a lot of vinyl!

Then I cut a red pair of scissors (my daughter is in preschool so I thought that was cute) to put on the right side under the letters. I added things like rubber bands, hair ties, gum, batteries, tape, erasers, candy, chap stick, hand sanitizer, paper clips and other items. Well lucky for you, there are 4 more great bloggers sharing ideas and we are all running a great giveaway together! Last year I put together a survival kit but it was last minute and not as cute as it could have been.
The letters I used a dark gray (it is actually the chalkboard vinyl but I just loved the color and had some scraps from another project I will share soon so I thought, why not?) and placed on top with the help of some transfer tape.

It was still completely practical and my daughter’s teacher used it and refilled it as the year went.
Please be respectful of bloggers and our projects and don't abuse or steal our material- thanks! I knew I had to make another one this year but I wanted to take a bit more time putting it together and this is what I cam up with!

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