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Call it a shameless marketing stunt or a product of zombie nerds who got carried away but the Motoped Black Ops Survival Bike embodies preparedness unlike any other. The first time we came across this mad two wheels, we instantly thought, this is exactly what The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon would want for Christmas. The Black Ops edition is a lowly moped sight of delight, complete with a crossbow, assorted knives, shovel, hatchet and rope, a phone mount, an additional fuel storage tank and a large rack fit to accommodate any after-market goods you’ll need to carry.

If you find yourselves going off to save your troupe at the dead of the night, your Motoped Black Ops bike comes with attached lighting that will keep you guarded.
When the zombies are nowhere to be found, relax and pedal your way from point A to point B.
If you want to get your hands on one, go right ahead and visit Motoped’s website to order.Just make it quick because things like this go faster than you can say Daryl and Carol should really be getting it on already.

While it looks extreme, it’s comfortable and highly versatile, as it boasts of an easy-to-adjust seat height and an adjustable front suspension.

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