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The newest one of these is an officially licensed AMC’s The Walking Dead survival kit that was just announced a few days ago. The other three or four knives beyond the one that’s already more than enough for any emergency purposes. Basically, except for the sardine can and Gerber’s Michael Myers kit, the other two kits above can be decent starting points for a more comprehensive disaster prep kit.
Keep in mind also that these are all evacuation kits, meaning they only provide enough food and water—if they provide any at all—for 3 days outside or on the road for one person (two people for the Walking Dead one).
By taking a subject that’s boring or uncomfortable for many and dressing it up in the language and clothes of zombie pop culture, the CDC were able to dramatically boost public interest in the subject of emergency preparedness.
It isn’t out yet but disaster supply company First My Family is taking advance orders. Bandages and alcohol wipes are fine but a first aid kit also needs basic, commonly used medication like aspirin and Pepto Bismol among other things.

While potentially useful, matches are more of a subsidiary item depending on the type of disasters that are most likely to strike your region. Again, potentially useful but not the most urgent, and in a portable kit that one can carry, one has to cram only the most urgent items. This could serve as the beginning of a fully-equipped kit but by itself won’t cut it. It could be a cool extra something to give your kid to get him more interested in the importance of disaster prep. Realistically, of course, no portable all-in-one kit can provide the amount of water that the CDC recommends.
Neither of them are close to complete in themselves, however, so be sure to supplement with additional items as per the CDC’s recommendations. The CDC recommends that for holing up at home during an emergency situation, you should stock up on at least 2 weeks’ worth of food and water per person.

He has been a staff writer for the nationally distributed magazine KoreAm , the online journal of pop culture criticism Pop Matters and has written freelance for various other publications and websites. The CDC recommends a gallon per person per day (remember you’ll be doing more than just drinking it).
The exact same items are also offered by a different company, Zombie Defense Solutions, in a different package.

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