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The enzymes in a banana peel help draw the splinter to the skin’s surface, making removal with tweezers easy. Arnica is believed to increase circulation, helping the body clear blood from bruised skin. Papaya contains the enzyme papain; applied topically, it breaks down the proteins that cause itching. Visit Batty's Resource Directory for a list of our blog posts divided by skin concern and topic. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This tumblr is all about my revision notes, things I find interesting and a lot of pictures.
Although you rarely need it in your everyday life, it’s one of those things you REALLY ought to know. If the person is experiencing difficulty breathing, help them to sit upright, perhaps leaning over the back of a chair to help expand the lungs. If they are experiencing hypotension (low blood pressure, feelings of light-headedness or dizziness, tiredness, etc) get them to lie flat and elevate their legs.
In milder cases of anaphylaxis where the patient is experiencing skin reactions to a trigger (rash, itch, etc), adrenaline is not usually needed but antihistamines and steroids may be required. If someone is bleeding severely, medical help must be sought ASAP to reduce symptoms of shock and effects of blood loss.
If a body part has been severed (like a finger), wrap it in a clean material such as clingfilm or a plastic bag and keep it cool.

Do not give the patient anything to eat or drink as they may require a general anaesthetic at hospital.
So those are some very basic guidelines on what to do in a few more common medical emergencies. April 24, 2012 By Jay Garrett Leave a CommentHave you been lusting over the Samsung ES8000 television?
The Samsung ES8000 really looks at least as good in the flesh (or plasma) as it does in the variety of press pics.
I got up close with the Sammy Smart TV at Gadget Show Live and that ultra-thin 5mm bezel is just the start of the wow-factor. You will be glad to know that, just in case 3D isn’t a fad, the spanky new ES8000 is 3D-ready. Joining its fellow Smart TVs it will come brimming with a host of apps including Twitter and Facebook.
The IR remote can take control of your other gear, such as your Sky box, which empowers you to talk to your tech and tell it what to do. And, because your digits are free, you will be able to toy with the much lovelier touchpad remote. Sammy’s latest and greatest hits a potent dent in any savings you may have accrued – Can your account handle you forking over ?2,500 of your hard-earned for a new telly? Do not undertake any strenuous activity, bending or blowing your nose for around 12 hours after a nosebleed. If the item is still not dislodged, stand behind the patient and place one hand (in the shape of a fist) in the area above their bellybutton but just beneath the ribcage (on women this is usually just below the bra strap).

If someone becomes very unwell or collapses following something like an insect bite or accidental ingestion of a known trigger, call for an ambulance and tell the operator you believe they are experiencing anaphylaxis. If there is, apply pressure around the object but do not push on it, and pad well around the item before bandaging to prevent the object from becoming embedded further. If the patient is showing signs of shock (clamminess, weak pulse, shallow breathing), lie the casualty down and raise their legs above their heart, loosening any tight clothing, and call for urgent medical assistance.
So, updating statuses and complaining about that dodgy penalty call can all be done without having to reach for your phone, laptop or tablet – I know what you like. Lavender essential oil has been known to help minor burns; blend a few drops with an ounce of a neutral oil (like almond or olive), and apply topically. Repeat this entire process five times and call for medical assistance if the item is still not dislodged. It is now available in the UK as is the rest of Samsung’s 2012 LED and Plasma Smart TV series. Continue until medical help arrives, but as the patient’s airway is blocked it is likely they will pass out if the item continues to prevent breathing. In this case, it is necessary to start CPR (see the link to the second video I posted under Basic Life Support).

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