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Most often, tomato blossom end rot is first seen when the fruit is about half its full grown size. Tomato plants with blossom rot can be found in your own garden or in commercial gardens or garden centers.
When your plants are first growing in the ground, be sure to provide plenty of moisture and that the ground has plenty of calcium in the soil.
If you plant your tomatoes too early, you’ll find tomato blossom end rot occurring quite readily as the plant was not able to take up enough calcium to stop tomato plants with blossom rot from developing.
Make sure you plant your tomatoes in well drained soil, which will help prevent the development of tomato plants with blossom rot. When the time comes to cultivate your crop, be sure not to cultivate too close to the plants or too deep in the soil. Finally, using a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen or high in calcium can help prevent this disease. Weeks of bemoaning our late-blooming daffodils paid off this week as waves of yellow and white blooms popped out of the green. One of my favorite gardening experiences is getting that first taste of homegrown broccoli for the season.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. October 27, 2013 by Shantha Leave a Comment Childhood memories of preparing and devouring Chigali (tamarind sweet-sour lollipop) flash as I write about this tree.
Botanical name is Tamarindus indica and belongs to family Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family).
Pod-like fruit about 3 to 6 inches long is encased in a greyish brown shell hangs in bunches.

The wood of Tamarind tree is hard and is used to make furniture, flooring, and other articles. Usually after extracting the tamarind pulp, the remains of the tamarind along with salt is used to shine brass and bronze pooja articles in South India. Tamarind is rich in acid, sugar, B vitamin, and Calcium and is used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments. Tomato blossom rot shows up at the end of the fruit where the blossom was, and the tomato rots on the bottom of the fruit.
The smallest blooms (those with the orange-tipped coronas) are planted in great swaths around the edge of the forest, and they all are nodding in the early afternoon breeze.
2010’s daffodils were peaking over Easter, which fell on April 4, 2010, and I picked a nice bouquet of daffodils to take to my mother.
I also remember bringing down the raw pods by hitting with stones washing them and eating them dipped in a mixture of Salt and Chili Powder. Tamarind has been growing forever in India and other South East Asia and is one of the most important ingredients in South Indian and South Asian cuisine.
As the tree is beautiful with a huge trunk and drooping branches it is used to beautify roads and parks and provide shade. Raw tamarind is available in markets during November – December and the new fruit is harvested last January – February.
Tomato blossom end rot occurs in plants that are planted in poorly drained soils with too little calcium. If you plant the tomatoes in cold soils, you have a better chance of having tomato plants with blossom rot. Read the package directions to know exactly how much fertilizer to give your growing tomato plants.

For understanding how to stop tomato blossom rot, all you can do is try several varieties, make sure to provide your plants with the best growing conditions, and do your best!
To top it off, the magnolias should peak in another week or two, the peaches and ornamental pears have bloomed, and the lilacs are really struggling to break out. Five well producing plants is enough to provide broccoli regularly for my size family to eat. Tamarind is also known as Indian date and is known by different names in different languages. If you look closer at the picture on the right, you can see tiny little florets beginning to grow in the joints of the plant. It is known as Hunase in Kannada and is an ingredient always available in any Kannadiga kitchen. At the point I cut them off the florets were beginning to spread apart (which is the beginning of the end to quality broccoli). If you see this happening this is when you need to harvest, don’t wait a moment longer, or you plant may end up flowering.
From past experience it should take about 2-3 weeks for the side shoots to mature enough to cut off.
You can keep this process going until the quality begins to decline or it simply becomes too cold the plant stops providing you with a harvest.

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