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I’m such a girl in that I love declarations of feelings and emotions and every rom com (romantic comedy) movie in existence. And let me tell you, there are some steamy passages from our fave books – but in a very PG sort of way. As a young writer, I took every bit of writing advice I received with the seriousness of Spock. Probably not—although there are some literary snobs out there that stopped reading two paragraphs ago.
Just in case someone else has the same brain fart that I did, here’s the first definition that came up on Google. Even when my friends called me a baby for not going with them to toilet paper the neighbor’s house, I would angrily stamp my foot and refuse to be a part of the game.
As with most superfluous things in the world, use them sparingly—like butter cream frosting and pepper.
However, there are a few authors who wield adverbs like a Skywalker brandishes their lightsaber.

The voice of a character and the tone of a story are intertwined, and if your novel merits the use of adverbs, then go forth and type them. Jo Schneider grew up in Utah and Colorado, and wonders how people who live in flat places can tell where they’re going.
Perhaps the most challenging thing Jo has ever done (besides write novels) was stick with her Shaolin Kempo classes long enough to earn her black belt. With Valentine’s Day roughly a week away, you know I had to bring the heat from our beloved YA books.
Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
When I heard more experienced authors bitterly denounce the use of adverbs—specifically -ly words—I panicked and started diligently eliminating the traitorous words from my manuscripts.
This is a style I use when I talk and write in my journal (I pity whomever decides to read it).
In addition to minimizing the dramatic effect of the action, it grinds on the reader’s ear (remember, readers “hear” as well as read).

Those people are allowed to do whatever they want to their novels, if I’m allowed the same courtesy.
The tone is so unique, that I may have been able to take the names out and some of you could still guess which story these were from. Persistence, not an overabundance of mad skill, is what got her there, and she just keeps going back for more. She writes both, and hopes to introduce readers into worlds that wow them and characters that they can cheer for. All those words ending in “-ly,” not doing much for the sentence, not creating much of a word picture … Who could blame readers for wondering why the words were there in the first place?

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