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The review recommended testing the usefulness of the focal species method used within Forest Research's suite of tools called BEETLE (Biological and Environmental Tools for Landscape Ecology) for evaluating the consequences of land use change for biodiversity and informing the development and targeting of agri-environment incentives. Planning for Lowland Habitat Networks in Scotland: a landscape-scale approach (PDF-1629K)Synopsis of the full report (below).
Further application of this methodology has now been used to develop Integrated Habitat Networks for Glasgow and the Clyde Valley and for Falkirk Unitary Authority. One of the major issues of concern is the survival of the red squirrel population in Fife and how existing red squirrel networks might be strengthened against the rampaging grey squirrel.

The exciting challenge is to cater for the needs of red squirrels (essentially conifer forests) while also addressing other high priorities for conservation such as maintaining semi-natural species-rich grassland networks and fields of winter stubble for corn buntings (right). We also investigated ways of combining ecological network analyses with assessments of landscape character and recreational impacts to develop a set of decision support tools accessible to end-users involved in the strategic planning of landuse change. When asked what they would like to do after making their debut, Nayeon replies “I want to buy my parents a gift.” Sana who is from Japan also expresses her love for her family saying she’d love to purchase airplane tickets for her parents to come and visit Korea. Nayeon comments about her future hopes for the group saying, “Each member of TWICE has very distinctive characteristics without overlapping with each other.

Nine members of TWICE were selected on the Mnet’s survival program “SIXTEEN.” More of their interview will be featured in The Star magazine. Various poses and charming expressions displayed by the members make it hard to believe they’re a rookie group.

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