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With their rich jumble of tangled vines, perching plants and ferns, New Zealand’s conifer–broadleaf forests resemble tropical rainforest.
When people first came to New Zealand, more than three-quarters of the land was covered in forest.
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Land clearing undergone by PT Nusantera Agro Sejahtera (NAS) in Wahau, East Borneo, is putting the survival of the Bornean Orangutan in great danger because the cleared land is adjacent to a conservation area managed by Wehea customary institution of Nehes Liah Bing village.
In the Russian Far East, a logging company is helping to flag habitat for one of the world’s biggest owls. They are mysterious and massive owls, perhaps the largest in the world, weighing up to 10 pounds, and sporting wingspans of about six feet.
And if endangered Blakiston’s fish owls are to survive in the Russian Far East, their friends need to include loggers. Blakiston’s fish owls are also found in Japan and China, but their numbers are in decline everywhere and the species is considered endangered.

In the study, conducted by WCS, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Minnesota, experts canvased nearly 8,000 square miles in Primorye and found that nearly 43 percent of suitable fish owl habitat was leased to logging companies—and only 19 percent of suitable habitat was protected in nature reserves. Here in the United States in the 1990s, we witnessed a bitter battle between logging companies and conservationists over spotted owl habitat in the Pacific Northwest. The study canvased nearly 8,000 square miles in Primorye, looking for prime fish owl habitat like this.
Protecting these birds will take real cooperation and the biologists have reason to hope they’ll get it. As reported earlier in the year, TerneyLes has begun working with WCS to implement such closures in the region by destroying key bridges and erecting dirt barricades to block vehicle passage. Majestic trees jut up through the leafy canopy, and the forests are home to native birds, bats, lizards and insects. The mix of plants changes from place to place, depending on the weather, soil and other conditions. The forests there have many species, including plants from tropical families, such as kohekohe. Some plants can’t grow there, but there are some hardy plants that are not found in the north.
Such an unlikely alliance, according to a new study, published in the journal Bird Conservation International, is vital to their survival.

They’ve already been working with the company on another issue: closing off old and unused logging roads.
These closures minimize illegal logging and reduce the risk of human-caused forest fires, while at the same time keeping poachers away from wildlife. They’re so tough that they shrug off blizzards in the Russian Far East, and make a living by plunging into nearly frozen rivers by night to grab fish that sometimes outweigh them.
That’s the best guess from WCS Russia Projects Manager Jonathan Slaght, a co-author of the study.
And they “stalk up and down a river bank, hunched over and plodding along” looking for fish.
In that season, when really big fish are available, the owls will even grab a tree root to steady themselves as they haul in catches that might outweigh them.

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