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The Asteroid Field Biome is a relatively desolate biome, in which small chunks of asteroids exist, spaced out quite far away from each other.
From what it seems, these areas are for cosmetic use only, seeing as the large-scale construction planets provide much better terrain to build, and there is no need to obtain anything from this biome.
One very important thing about this biome is that, while it may appear that there is no floor at first, there is.
From the beginning of the series, it is evident that Courtney and Duncan are polar opposites, which causes a great deal of conflict between the two of them during the first few episodes of Total Drama Island. When season three starts, Courtney and Duncan are still a couple, although Duncan is slowly losing interest in her due to her bossiness and control over him. When Total Drama All-Stars starts, Duncan is still in a relationship with Gwen, while Courtney is still feeling resentful to the two of them. In the Total Drama Island opening sequence, after DJ runs off screaming when the animals attack him, Duncan bursts out laughing, but stops when he sees Courtney glaring at him in disapproval.
After the challenge is over, the Killer Bass have a meeting at the main lodge to discuss who they should vote for.
As the Killer Bass are on the verge of losing again, Courtney suggest that they wake up Duncan, who has been on the sidelines since the beginning as he is still tired from the Awake-a-thon in the previous episode. Duncan and Courtney fought over leadership of the team during the Wilderness Survival Challenge. After Bridgette accidentally destroys their team's tent, forcing them to sleep under the rain, it is revealed that Courtney had subconsciously cuddled with Duncan in her sleep. While the campers discuss their greatest fears, Courtney adamantly claims that she isn't afraid of anything.
Duncan and Courtney are designated as deer to be hunted for this episode's challenge, and they spend most of the episode apart from each other.
Duncan lifts Courtney up and embraces her to celebrate their team's win in the cooking challenge. Duncan and Courtney are paired up to cook the cannoli during the cooking challenge to which Duncan happily complies. Duncan and Courtney leave behind a dead fish in place of all the food they stole in Basic Straining.
At the boathouse, the two of them have a long talk about each others behavior until Duncan convinces Courtney to break the rules and raid Chef's fridge.
Though most campers voted Eva off the island right after her surprise return, Duncan was one of the few who did not. While handcuffed to Leshawna, Duncan was cornered by her about his hidden softer side, which Duncan vehemently denies. During the last challenge, while the campers are making a totem pole using carved wooden heads of all the previously eliminated contestants and stack them in order from the first camper eliminated to the most recent camper eliminated, Chris caught Duncan carving a heart with "D+C" behind a wooden head Courtney's head.
Courtney admits to the cameramen that she hopes Duncan will win the competition and that she really likes him; something that everyone else overhears and teases Courtney for, considering that she went so long denying her feelings for him.
Duncan and Courtney are among the eliminated contestants who sided with Owen for the final competition. In the Total Drama Action version of the opening sequence, Courtney at first scowls at Duncan for shooting Harold with seagulls, but then makes out with him, and pulls away grinning deviously at Harold's misfortune while Duncan appears both happy and surprised. It is revealed by Gwen that Duncan keeps a picture of Courtney under his pillow, strongly indicating that he misses her. Duncan reveals that he has found out that Harold has rigged the votes last season which resulted in Courtney's elimination which is the reason why he continues to relentlessly pick on Harold this season as payback.
When Gwen mentions to Geoff that Duncan didn't vote her off, Courtney immediately stands up and yells that that was because Gwen had her "goth girl hooks" into him. Once the Gaffers reach the bank and are about to rob it, Duncan was shocked to find out that the teller was actually a returning Courtney in disguise. Duncan and Justin hold a conversation in their trailers at the beginning of the episode and Duncan starts talking about Courtney.
Duncan and Courtney almost share another kiss, moments before the cavewoman dominates the male. Duncan and Courtney are again paired up with each other where they have to wrestle in a ball pit. These asteroids are made out of Meteorite Rock and Magmarock, containing Copper ore, Silver ore, and Gold ore in huge veins. In spite of this, they are often paired up together in challenges, which sometimes leads to insinuations that Courtney has feelings for him, which she steadfastly denies. During Courtney's absence, Duncan becomes good friends with Gwen, but Courtney assumes that he is cheating on her.
Many times during the season, Duncan tries to grab Courtney's attention but Courtney would completely ignores him. Duncan immediately suggests that they vote off either Courtney or DJ since they refused to jump off the cliff during the first challenge; their ineptitude plays a large role in the Killer Bass team ultimately losing.
When the map and compass are given to Duncan, Courtney snatches them away almost instantly and shoots him a dirty look. When she wakes up, she is disgusted by what has happened and blames Duncan for it, but Duncan sarcastically states she is the one trying to make a move on him. Near the end of the episode, Courtney crosses paths with Duncan on her way back to Camp Wawanakwa. Geoff, the Head Chef, tries to appeal to Courtney as he and Duncan give her an innocent, pleading look, which causes Courtney to reluctantly accept. While she claims that she didn't want him to get kicked off the island for stealing camp property, Duncan flattery explains that Courtney likes him and is actually worried about his welfare. Leshawna then brings up his relationship with Courtney, who told her about the situation with DJ's bunny (something Courtney originally promised to keep a secret), leaving Duncan with no choice, but to explain his reasoning and his softer side.
As Chris laughs at him for begin soft, Leshawna defends Duncan by throwing a wooden head of Sadie at Chris. Courtney also forces Harold to vote for Duncan to win (though it is obvious he doesn't plan on doing so).

At one point, the two have an argument concerning about Owen and Gwen's safety which ended up with them making out while still claiming that they hate each other. Trent has had similar feelings, directing his anger at Duncan, but at this point, Courtney seems to also be angry at Duncan rather than Gwen. At the beginning, Courtney is holding onto Duncan to regain her balance to which Duncan sees as her trying to make out with him but Courtney silences him by threatening him. If you touch this floor you will die and be unable to recover any lost items as you can't get close enough even if you build all the way down to it. Duncan, on the other hand, never denies that he is attracted to Courtney, and he, along with his friends, often tease Courtney of wanting him as well.
Duncan does show that he misses Courtney as he slept with a picture of her under his pillow and thinks of her when he is stargazing with Gwen.
After Gwen breaks up with Duncan due to him still showing a lot of interest for Courtney, she and Courtney become friends again and tease Duncan several times and even ignored him when he tries to warn them about a potential threat among the remaining contestants.
When Duncan is asked why he should help them, Courtney responded by saying if he refused to participate in the game, she would personally guarantee that he would be the one voted off the island if their team lost again. While Courtney is pitching a tent, Duncan walks up to her and mockingly asks her what's for dinner, calling her "woman" in a derogatory manner.
After the campfire ceremony, the two of them have a talk which ends after Duncan brings out his fake hook again to prove to Courtney after she claims that she is not afraid of anything.
He then proceeds to remind her about how badly he scared her last night, leading Courtney to tell him to shut up. Following an argument about which way the campsite is, Duncan and Courtney's antler caps tangle together when they pass by each other.
Throughout the episode, Courtney constantly complains about Duncan in the confessional and all his traits that annoy her (including his mohawk) to the point that her confessionals have to be fast-forward through bits of her ranting.
After eating, Courtney and Duncan had another conversation together to which Duncan compliments Courtney for her new "dark side." After a while, Courtney pulls Duncan and kisses him before she leaves for bed.
Chris gives her the option of who deserved to win the bank money as first prize, and she said that the Gaffers (preferably Duncan) deserved it for getting to the bank first and happily gave Duncan the money. After Chris tells the castmates about "Courtney's rules" Duncan begins to mock his girlfriend while Courtney brings up about him cheating on her with Gwen while she wasn't around. When Chris sounds the horn, the two almost lose their balance and ended up kissing each other after Courtney grabs Duncan's wrist to pull herself up. In his confessional, Duncan believes that it will be an easy win but admits he will not go easy on Courtney as he doesn't want their relationship to end up like Trent and Gwen's.
Despite the fact that she criticizes him at every opportunity, Courtney eventually does show signs of having a secret crush on Duncan, and there are indications of a mutual attraction growing between the two. When Courtney returns in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, the two of them put their relationship aside and become enemies again as they are on different teams.
The threat is enough to force Duncan into playing, which won the Killer Bass the challenge.
During the challenge, when it's Duncan's turn to face his fear (a Celine Dion standee), he is initially afraid, but Courtney holds his hand and tells him to be brave. After giving up, Courtney angrily asks what they're supposed to do next and Duncan asks if she wants to make out with him. Later that day, while Courtney is at the medic tent after getting knocked out, she spots Duncan luring over a rabbit with a carrot.
Each time Courtney does so, Duncan teases her by saying she must really like him to be so insistent on him following the rules, but Courtney uses the same rebuttal as before: she simply doesn't want her team to lose the challenge.
Duncan's fellow men congratulate him on finally winning Courtney over, with Duncan casually saying he knew all along that Courtney wanted him. Duncan tells her to cheer up but Courtney explains how she lost the competition and the lawsuit she filed against the producers for unfair termination of competition and now she just wants to return home to her normal school life. When Duncan, with a dreamy expression, asks her if Courtney is looking at the stars, Gwen playfully makes a disgusted face. Duncan seemed extremely nervous when she gave it to him and said "Thank you" in a squeaky voice. After a few several insults and sarcastic remarks, the two of them start to growl at each other with their teeth bared.
While the two of them compliment the other in their respective confessions, Courtney is still angry at Duncan. Once the challenge begins, Courtney aggressively attacks Duncan, giving him no chance to counter back. This romantic tension eventually culminates in the two of them kissing in Basic Straining, with her displaying a more relaxed attitude toward the competition from Duncan's influence.
This is also because Duncan is angry at the unfair advantages Courtney has while Courtney is angry at his and Gwen's friendship. During his absence, Courtney constantly shows signs of missing Duncan, but tries not to let it affect her competitiveness. Courtney quickly tries to discard that idea by throwing Tyler under the bus, however Duncan stays firm with wanting Courtney gone. However, an amused Duncan tells the audience that he is certain that she doesn't mean what she says. This assurance seems to greatly aid Duncan as he manages to conquer his fear and hug the standee. At one point, the two exchange several minor insults which resulted in them pouring custards on each other. Wondering what is he up to, Courtney decides to investigates and finds out that Duncan is trying to find a new rabbit for DJ, after the first one is lost while under Geoff's care. At one point, Courtney comes close to spilling Duncan's secret from the previous episode, but takes it back and assures Duncan's peers that he's every bit as nasty and mean as he wants others to believe. After the challenge is over the next day, Duncan was shocked to find out that Courtney is eliminated. Geoff pauses the clip and Courtney has a happy look on her face as Gwen tells her that Duncan always thinks about her.

While assembling their go-cart, Duncan stared at Courtney constantly, and he ended up hurting his hand since he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. As the two begin to lean in for another kiss, Courtney immediately use the opportunity to hit Duncan in the groin, giving her team the victory. Although Duncan at one point manages to gain the upper hand, Courtney immediately regains control and forces Duncan to submit.
However, any hope of the two competing alongside each other for the rest of the season is gone when Courtney is voted off in that same episode, due to Harold tampering with the votes, as revenge for Duncan's bullying when he sees the two kissing. Despite this, Duncan is unable to hold his feelings for her back and he lost to her in several challenges despite his great achievements before her return.
A sudden wolf cry frightens Courtney, and she automatically runs into Duncan's arms, which Geoff gives a thumbs-up towards. Courtney cheers for his success and hugs, only to quickly let go when the others gather around to congratulate him.
The two eventually make it back to camp, still attached to each other, where everyone is waiting. Seeing Duncan's action made Courtney realizes that Duncan is actually a nice guy deep down.
After Duncan was sent to the boathouse by Chef, Courtney is concern for him and decides to visit Duncan and bring some food for him. Before she leaves, the two bid each other goodbye and Duncan give her a wooden skull that he carved.
She immediately pulls Duncan into an alliance so they can find and share the money together, cheering that they should find the million dollars, kissing him suddenly and raising his spirits.
Geoff however, resumes playing the clip where it was shown while the two of them are playfully rough housing, they fell onto the ground with Duncan landing on top of her. When the Gaffers completed their kart and started to drive off, Duncan stopped in front of Courtney and teases her for having problems on her first day, angering her. At the Gilded Chris ceremony, Chris pokes fun at Duncan for losing to a girl in a match of wrestling. Signs of Courtney and Duncan having feelings for each other continue to be shown in many episodes after Courtney's elimination and well into the second season. Eventually, the two of them make up in Top Dog, but Courtney also imposes a set of overbearing rules on their relationship, expecting Duncan to completely memorize and follow them if they ever want to have a serious relationship. Courtney remains unaware of the kiss until the end of Greece's Pieces, when Tyler is forced by Alejandro to tell everyone about it, since he was the one who accidentally witnessed the event in the confessional. After Gwen and Owen make comments on the compromising position between the two, Duncan slyly claims that "the girl can't keep her antlers off him." In response, Courtney kicks him in the crotch.
After the challenge has ended, Courtney talks to Duncan about his action but he tries to brush him off. Geoff tries to point out to her she indeed has a crush on Duncan which she vehemently denies, claiming that she can't stand Duncan for all his annoying qualities. Although Courtney finds it weird and creepy, she loves it, and waves goodbye to Duncan; she promises she would never forget him. The two of them manage to retrieve the million dollar case after Duncan used a fishing hook to snag it away from Lindsay's group and wrestled an alligator that eats it moments later.
Geoff points out how close Gwen and Duncan's lips are from each other as if they areĀ  about to kiss.
Duncan then states that she wasn't "a girl", she was Courtney, and it was a whole other thing. Courtney is devastated and heartbroken by this news, and it destroys her friendship with Gwen, as well as her relationship with Duncan. Due to the fact that they were stuck together at the time, Duncan is especially reeling in pain since he can't even bend over. Duncan eventually admitted to Courtney and had Courtney promise not to tell anyone about what he did, not wanting the other campers to get the idea that he is a nice guy.
Unknown to everyone else, it was revealed that Harold had tampered the votes in order to get back at Duncan for bullying him.
Unfortunately for Duncan, Courtney reveals her greedy nature to him and abandons an injured Duncan, using the excuse that she can't have him slowing her down. Despite Gwen insisting that they are just friends, Courtney angrily leaves to call her lawyers. Courtney officially breaks up with Duncan in The EX-Files, after she dumps a bowl of spaghetti on his head and kicks him in the groin for cheating on her.
The two would not meet up again until they return to the campgrounds in which Courtney cheers for Duncan while he is fighting another animal, this time a moose. Immediately, Courtney mocks Duncan for his cheating and then whacks him with her bone after she received it. They are shown in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special to have broken up again, but they got back together by the end of the episode after a kiss on the bus. Still furious of her earlier betrayal, Duncan responded that he would come for her next in an almost-threatening and vengeful tone. After Courtney is able to eliminate Gwen in Picnic at Hanging Dork, Duncan's hatred for Courtney intensifies and the two of them argue even after Gwen's elimination. After several events later, Duncan is qualified for Total Drama Action while Courtney isn't, making her mad again. Courtney also moves on from her relationship with Duncan, and starts to be attracted to Alejandro.

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