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This course is geared towards participants of all skill levels and backgrounds so no particular experience or athletic ability is necessary. After their registration is completed, students will receive a detailed course information sheet which will contain all of the applicable details, like required and recommended gear, exact location, driving directions, etc.
Description of the Level of Physical Difficulty – Advanced:  This course involves walking and other activities over varying distances at a steady pace over varying terrain that will include off-trail sections, rough spots, unexpected obstacles, and low to steep inclines and declines.

What is the minimum age required for our courses?  In our open registration courses, children 15-17 years old are welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
However, since one of our course goals is to teach you about survival gear, plus offer you a chance to “test drive” it before you buy it, if you don’t have an item, don’t necessarily feel compelled to buy it right away … especially if it’s expensive. We only require that you bring the necessary equipment, your sense of adventure, and your Positive Mental Attitude.

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