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I have 40 acres of undeveloped land behind my house in which we will venture into and find a suitable place to construct shelters while observing leave no trace to the best of our abilities. Plan on an early departure Sunday morning (around 8am) so you will not need to bring breakfast. The Boy Scouts of America Fleur-de-lis (as well as other BSA logos, words and phrases) are trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America.
Tell the possible causes for traumatic tooth loss, describe the types of mouth guards used to help prevent tooth trauma, and list the athletic activities during which a person should wear a mouth guard. With the help of a dentist, prepare a dental stone cast using a vibrator, a mixing bowl, a water measure, a plastic measure, model stone, and a spatula.

How fluorides help prevent tooth decay and the ways fluorides can be provided to the teeth. The Trainer's Corner Blog has a great post about Survival Kits in a Bag (2008- Nov-24) which are targeted for Cub Scout -aged boys. You will have until dark to complete your shelter for your overnight living accommodations! Tell how each of the following contributes to dental decay and gum disease: bacterial plaque, sugars, and acid. Before you go, ask whether your visit can include a dental examination and a plaque-control demonstration.

Using a string and a large hand brush, show your troop or a school class proper tooth-brushing and flossing procedures.
Describe the types of dental filling and treatments a dentist can use to repair dental decay problems. Pick one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession.

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