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I kept in touch with Joel over the next couple years and was happy and enthusiastic when Lone Target came out. Southern Everglades National Park, Florida captured by an Expedition 15 crewmember on the International Space Station. Burmese python eating deer, other Everglades wildlife sparked the great Florida snake hunt. It’s not just wildlife fighting, but invasive plants too like this old world climbing fern infestation in southern Florida. The Everglades edition of Name that Tune includes the following sounds recorded in the national park: anhinga, alligator, alligator and pig frog, cricket frog, Eastern screech owl, great egret, green tree frog, gulf toadfish, pig frog, Seminole bat, Southern leopard frog and a thunderstorm.
There are nightscapes galore in the Everglades: Camping on the southern-most tip of the Continental US, as seen in Camping Under the Stars [42 PICS]. One last thought to chew over via a 12-year-old video (1992) and Florida-born artist John Anderson: Seminole Wind. I am appreciative of the way that the plant life adds oxygen to our atmosphere, but even though some of these photos were very nice, I think I’ll stay away from the gators, thank you very much. I have a distant family in the Seminole tribe and i want desperately to visit, it’s on my bucket list.
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Joel is incorporating information from a select group of authors, experts in various fields and backgrounds, to make this site one of a kind. I was out there on business taking general meetings, meeting producers for drinks and shopping ideas around.
I’ll be busy providing content for it and I know Joel will be crisscrossing the globe for Discovery.
The national park protects only the southern 20% of the original Everglades, yet it is the third largest national park in the lower 48 states after Death Valley and Yellowstone.
The park is home to a vast array of animals that have adapted to a subtropical environment in which temperate climatic conditions, characteristic of latitudes to the north, merge with tropical Caribbean conditions. Everglades National Park in southern Florida is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.
Could imagine taking airboat (fanboat) ride, canoeing or kayaking through these seemingly endless water pathways? 2013, a pod of 51 whales were found in a remote area of the Everglades called Highland Beach; it was over 20 miles away from water deep enough to support them. Listed as a World Heritage Site in Danger, UNESCO states, “The Everglades protect 800 species of land and water vertebrates, including over 14 threatened species, and 25 mammals, over 400 bird species, 60 known species of reptile, amphibian and insect, including two threatened swallowtail butterfly species. A horrific storm with F2 winds (over 120 mph) but not a tornado caused so much damage and was followed immediately by flash flooding that the area was declared a disaster. A good friend, Zee, asked me to meet up with a friend (Joel) about some wilderness survival topics, tomahawk use and general know how. We messaged back and forth over Facebook and Twitter about the show and how everything worked out.
Everglades National Park is also an international treasure as one of only three locations on the globe to appear on the three big lists: World Heritage Site, International Biosphere Reserve, and Wetland of International Importance. Yet NPS said, “Kayaking and canoeing are superb ways to visit the habitats of Everglades National Park.
Did you know?…There are more insects in Everglades National Park than any other group of animals.
Altering water flows and the natural pattern of wildfires allowed exotic plants, such as the Brazilian peppertree, Chinese privet, melaleuca and Old World climbing fern to invade.

Most islands in Florida Bay are closed to visitor access in order to protect nesting birds. Wildlife abounds here where animals share a freshwater ecosystem of sawgrass marsh and tree islands. Day by day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become,” ~ quote by Heraclitus. Prior to heading back out to Los Angeles in 2014, Joel reached out to me, told me about the project then put me in touch with his webmaster. The diversity here of wildlife, nine Everglades ecosystems and changing habitats might blow your mind.
Those wishing to explore alone can walk the short trails and portions of the tram road, or bike. More than 275 species of fish are known from the Everglades, most inhabiting the marine and estuarine waters. Joel recently asked me to team up with him on this venture and I enthusiastically accepted.
The national park protects 800 species of land and water vertebrates, over 400 bird species, more than 275 species of fish and over 20 species of snakes.
We shot the proverbial you know what and then I was off to meet up with another friend on the set of Bones.
We met up again at Sayoc Kali’s Sama Sama annual gathering and discussed other projects we both have in the works and the content for this site. Joel told me the entries are going to be simple single ideas that are covered thoroughly by the authors.

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