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Your inventory is saved and you will get it back at the end of Hungergame.Nobody can enter the Hunger Game with Stuff. 3do2 - Blocks And Gold Minecraft Free Server - Release 1.8 and Pocket Edition - All Rights Reserved. I started no return because I liked open world games and having found a free engine decided to see if I could make one.
I stopped it at that version as EPIC GAMES released their new engine, unreal engine 4 was free as well so I through why stick with old tech. Sadly many of the features I used to get the map working in UDK have vanished in the new engine so I needed to start again from scratch, not only that but also learn a new engine, wait for updates and find new ways to solve open world map problems. Explore, Ransack and Learn to survive in this wilderness survival and hunting simulator for PC. The UDK version available for download was my first attempt at an open world game and it never made it past V0.13 so there was still a lot to be done to it. Download the New U4 version of No Return HereEPIC provide a map 10x10km in a download but I always set the target to be around ARMA2 size as I though it was the best open world map ever made and probably the best game as well.
Any person using this equipment is personally responsible for their own safety in the outdoors. The Map is DEDICATED to hungergame, there is no protection (You're in the wilderness), you can grief.
However having played DAYZ standalone (0.61) Im begining to think that the map size is just too big and we run the risk of a jogging sim as well. In DAYZ this doesnt happen and so you dont get a line v line of players all heading to the same locations. I know players love the big cities in DayZ but its still not half as much fun as ARMA2 was. We therefor have a serious problem when it comes to filling that fun gap as jogging for fun only lasts so long. So Ive been doing a lot of thinking not only about map sizes but also about gameplay now that some of the basics are working.

And if you have downloaded V0.293 UE4 version of No Return then you will know its all still a bit of a mess with no real direction to it yet so some actual planning is now needed now that I know I can make it in the new UE4. That is to be expected as there isnt really one and it was always the plan to get the basics working before I decided what was best to do with it. The reason I chose survival and hunting is because those options are required by most games, such as the need to craft, build, shooting and some tactics, so the basics were covered by developing along survival and hunting game mechanics. But that obviously doesnt mean we are stuck doing that if there is a better use for what we have cobbled together. So what does the future hold for no returnAs many of you will know its hot then cold and thats just the way it is when you develop something as a hobby with no dev budget as other things take priority. But having played Dayz I do feel an upsurge in my dev interest again so will start to sort out the mess that is V0.293 into some more user freindly expereince. When that will be I dont know but Im sure watchers can expect a new download next month probably. Whats happening with the MapAs you will note its a bit shit just now which is largely down to my finger being f'd and not being able to use a mouse properly without causing it more damage. All I need to find is some road stuff and a few more building meshes to start to see how it would work out.
Im not doing the entire map as thats pointless until I have all bases covered so large areas and the design of it in general will be shocking but shit happens, there is more behind the scene stuff needed first. When can we expect a proper loading screenI dont honestly know as all that stuff is easy enough to do but whats the point if the actual game isnt running or playing well would be my point.
Screen res settings and all that jazz can be found in the Dev Menu if needed and is why its there, as this is dev and not development of a game at this point in time. When can we expect it to be turned into a more playable expereince and gameThat I hope will start soon as base construction and zombie AI attacks are in and working to a basic degree.
Its now really a case of working out how best to use these features to give you an expereince worth playing. If I just dump you in the woods and go off you go I doubt I'll be thanked for it, so some thought is now needed given it looks like we can make a semi decent go of an open world shooter.

But a major hassle is out the way which is AI aiming with two options being developed (low cost and high cost).
Is the game ever going to be on steamThe game is on steam concept and I very much doubt it will ever move past that as it gets 1 hit a day.
But keep in mind indiedb is No Returns home so the steam page is generaly lagging behind a few weeks. When can we expect a Dev Hud overviewI'll be sorting this out for you all this month at some point and guide you through the many settings and give you some thoughs I have about how they will features in game. But dont expect the dev hud to go any time soon as I need to see shit and dont release anything other than what I have developed so far. I dont have 50 sets of hands and with just myself and a highly in demand programmer things take time.
But I hope to speak to him soon and see what his plans are as hes the man who did the iron sights and who knows MP.
Dev means dev and in no way does anything downloadable refect how it might all end up as I simply dont plan anything and generaly mess about adding features to see what we can add and get away with.
That process is slowly coming to an end and once we cross that bridge then stuff will start to make more sense, be better designed, presented better and so on.
But until then just remember it is a hobby project and not some massive funded project gearing up to suck you dry of all your cash.What About GraphicsYou just need to keep the faith and remember it is all running in a very good game engine (UE4) and because we use free models things look a bit ehhh here and there.
Dont panic though as with a bit of time spent on the textures and models it can look as good as any AAA does.
But keep in mind there is long way to go before I start to bother with texture qualities and all that as the game is the important thing and there is still one hell of a lot to add.
What you can download now is but the tip of a very large iceberg and soon enough we will see the wood for the trees.

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