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Perhaps one of the most innovative indie survival games that you never heard of has officially crash landed on Steam today. Although an indie game in spirit and creativity, expect this game to pack the punch and technical quality of a top tier AAA title. The Long Dark from Hinterland games is the product of a very talented group of top level mainstream developers who decided that they wanted to stretch themselves creatively and decided to go indie. The Long Dark is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t played it yet, but gamers can expect a first-person post-disaster survival simulation that takes place in the Northern Wilderness.
The game has already cracked the top sellers list on Steam, I anticipate much more awesomeness to come. The teams’ leader, Raphael Van Lierop, took the project to kickstarter and the project achieved well beyond its $200,000 goal. Early Access to the Alpha of the game and there is a pretty steep learning curve, success in the game is very difficult yet equally rewarding.
The art style is beautiful, the game is immersive and voice acted by some of the industry’s top talents including David Hayter and Jennifer Hale.

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