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I worked with the very talented Jon Wright on IELTS advantage for DELTA publishing in the UK.
By Christopher Pell 9 Comments There are hundreds of IELTS preparation books on the market and choosing the right one can make the difference between studying effectively and getting not getting the score you need. As an IELTS teacher I have either used or looked at nearly all of the IELTS books on the market and below are my recommendations. I have no affiliation with any of the companies and will make no money from the recommendations, so you can be sure that all of my advice is fair and without bias.
The Official Cambridge Guide is a very comprehensive book that covers writing, listening, speaking and reading.
This book is for someone who is confident about their English level already and wants to familiarise themselves with the test format.
You shouldn’t buy this book if your English is pre-intermediate or below, because the language used requires a certain level of English. It is published by Cambridge who also write the test, so you know that all the information is reliable. Each chapter covers a common IELTS topic and this allows students to build their vocabulary as they learn IELTS skills at the same time. There are short tips on nearly every page that cover the core things students need to know. It is obvious that the people writing the book have lots of experience teaching IELTS to lower levels and all of their advice is sound. The only thing it lacks is maybe some practice tests, but these can be accessed online for free from other sites.
These books are very comprehensive and allow students to prepare for the test without the aid of a teacher. To get the most out of this book it requires motivation and self-discipline, so if you are the type of person who needs a teacher to motivate you, this book might not be for you. It would also be good if students were given some practical advice about where and how they can practice their writing and speaking skills at home. Delta Publishing’s IELTS Advantage series of books is by far the best resource for students hoping to get above a band 7.0. I should point out that my site ‘IELTS Advantage’ and this book share the same name, but are in no way connected.
This book is for someone who already has a good level of English and wants to improve their exam technique at home and score at least a band score of 7.0. There are lots of example essays and speaking sample answers which really helps students because it allows them to compare their own work with good examples. There is a summary of the main points at the end of every chapter that helps students recall the most important information. They have done a great job with what they have covered, but I think they could have made the book much longer and covered every aspect of the IELTS test. The majority of the past papers are for the Academic paper, but there are also some General Training papers in each book.
They are a very good reflection of the actual test so you can see exactly what is expected. You are not going to improve your English skills with these books and if your English level needs to improve you would be better finding a general English book. Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced helps students learn the vocabulary they need to gain above 6.5 in the IELTS speaking and writing tests. Vocabulary is a key part of IELTS success and should be taken very seriously by anyone needing a high band score. Someone who has a good level of English already, but might need extra help with vocabulary.

I hope you have found this article useful and these books help you with your IELTS Preparation. These reviews are great to use for people stuck on which book will help them achieve a certain level of the IELTS exam. There is a new series of Improve Your IELTS Skills for lower level students aiming at 4.5-6 band score.
Sign-up for our weekly email and you will receive all of our new posts directly to your inbox. Msayed on Every Year Several Languages Die Out- Task 2 Sample AnswerGirija on 7 IELTS Fluency Problems (and how to improve them)Dr. My name is Christopher Pell and I’m an English teacher dedicated to helping people get the IELTS scores they need.
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Although I literally abhor the thought of anyone’s parents living a less human life in an old-age home, still, when this is breaking through the society like an epidemic, so the society also needs a great support on this issue. If you are an International student who is planning to study in UK or you already in UK then required a Tier 4 student visa you must need B2 level English proficiency which is set by UKBA. Well, basically B2 is level of English which is required for Undergraduate and postgraduate course. Due to recent changes in UKBA’s immigration legislation many private college forced to shut and thousands of international students in UK have to found a new sponsor and again to get a new admission plus visa, you must obtain your recent valid English proficiency to have new visa. UKBA English Language requirement is minimum B2 level in any UG or PG course on approved UKBA english language test providers. If you are an student visa extender and need a quick B2 English Test report to apply for your new visa Pearson Test (PTE) is the best to get quickest result.
Caution: You may very careful about B2 level fraudulent English certificate which could takeyou  into big trouble. This is SM Nazir Hossain and I'm blogging about Studying in UK alongside my study when I get spare time. London West Valley College shut or suspended from Tier 4 list but they are still claiming they are Highly Trusted Sponsor in their website why? If you want more update about Tier 4 visa news, course, admission, UKVI update and advise simply sign up! Which IELTS preparation book you choose will also depend on what band score you are aiming for and which skills you want to focus on.
There are tips and hints on every page and the practice tests really help students consolidate what they have learnt. They are not going to give you any insider knowledge about how the test is marked or how you can gain an advantage, just a good overview. It has been developed with lower level students in mind and covers both English skills and IELTS skills. This book might not be suitable for someone who needs lots of help and in this case it might be better to hire an IELTS teacher to help you. There are also practice activities throughout the book to help students consolidate their knowledge. Sam not only knows the test inside out, he also gives very specific techniques and advice for each question type. It would be very helpful if there were band 5 answers and then show how these could be improved and a corresponding band 8 answer.
I was unaware of this series of books until I searched for my own site on Google and these books showed up.

This book had the potential to be the definitive guide to IELTS but they missed a few things out which is unfortunate.
They give you a good idea what your score will be in the reading and listening tests and give you sample answers for the writing test.
Looking at poor sample answers is a valuable thing to do but I think it would be better if they also gave  a band 8 or 9 answer for the same essay. Be very careful that you don’t get one of the fake books because it is probably very misleading. I have taught students all over the world and worked for some of the top English schools, including International House and the British Council.
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Cambridge want to keep the test as reliable as possible and that means they can’t give you as much advice as some of the more independent publishers. There are exercises for every chapter and this gives students a sense of progress and assures them that they are on the right track. For example, there are a number of different reading question types and Sam offers tailored advice for each of these different kinds of question. They are published by the same people who make the actual tests so they provide an invaluable insight into the test.
Not only does it cover specific topic-related vocabulary that is common on the IELTS test, it also helps students with collocations, synonyms and paraphrasing. Tests are held on selected Thursdays and Saturdays.Click here  for test dates and bookings! Now a days,Cloths as an ielts cue card is seen frequently and also needed to make conversation.Let’s start the cue card with some questions and solution.
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