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You can start with and empty metal or plastic kit or a nice First aid bag or first aid pack, then you may continue adding individual items until you have exactly the items you would like in your custom kit!
Bonnie Joy Dewkett is a nationally recognized organizing expert, author, motivational speaker, and internet radio personality.
Please wait until the picture has finished uploading.Navigating away from this page will cancel your upload. Last year I made this first aid kit box from an upcycled instant breakfast container, so all I had to do was fill it with some first aid items that my daughter might need. But the most important thing I included is something my mom sent in my first aid kit many years ago (and I still have in a scrapbook) – a mom note.
If you’d prefer, you could pick up a first aid kit bag at the store when you purchase your supplies instead of making your own upcycled box.

Hi Susan – What a great idea for your daughter to have a first aid kit made by mom and especially the note!
I made a trip to Sam’s Club to purchase a good sized box of BAND-AID® Brand Bandages with the new QUILTVENT® Technology. In our family, we are minimalists when it comes to taking medicine, so you may want to add some additional items to your diy college first aid kit. Every household should have Band-Aids on hand because you never know when one of those moments will arise. After recently learning about the new QUILTVENT® Technology in BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages, I decided perhaps it was time to make a new Band-Aid purchase and update my First Aid Kit. The new Band-Aids with QuiltVent Technology create air channels for superior breathability and wicks away blood to keep wounds clean.

If you have any accidents while at the park or other public place, you can run out to your car to get the kids (or adults) all fixed up, and back to having fun. After all, a covered wound heals faster than an uncovered one, so let’s give them their best chances of healing with this new technology.

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