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How to Clean Cast Iron CookwareMay 14, 2016 By Patrick Blair 4 CommentsCleaning cast iron is one of the most intimidating factors of using cast iron cookware. 5 Homemade Mosquito Repellents Luckily enough for us, there are plenty of homemade mosquito repellent recipes we can use that are non-toxic! Blossom End Rot – What It Is and How To Fix It When I first started gardening, some of my tomatoes looked gross! Make Your Own Pill Bottle Survival Kit Most people want as much stuff as they can get in as small a container as possible.
Titan Ready HERCulean Giveaway [CLOSED]We’re always looking for ways to help our loyal readers be prepared for the unexpected. Using Eggshells in the GardenUsing eggshells in the garden helps provide a boost of calcium to your garden plants.
How and Why to Reuse GreywaterEach year, more people reuse greywater from the bath, shower, bathroom sinks, and (laundry) washing machines that hasn’t been in contact with human waste. Integrated Pest Management for Home GardenersWhen you find that something has been eating your homegrown veggies, how do you stop it? Homespun Seasonal LivingKathie Lapcevic has written Homespun Seasonal Living – a great workbook to help us all connect with nature and the seasons in a more meaningful way.

3 Tips to Grow Your Best PeppersThe choices for growing peppers in your home vegetable garden are limitless. I made a trip to Sam’s Club to purchase a good sized box of BAND-AID® Brand Bandages with the new QUILTVENT® Technology.
Will you be putting a kit together yourself, buying a ready made kit, or waiting to decide based on who wins the ARK kit we’re giving away? I did my shopping solo, but when I got home, I asked Henry to lay out the contents of my bags on the kitchen table while I put the girls down for bed. All of the items fit neatly into my plastic tub and I taped a small note to the top with the date…and set a reminder in my phone to take a peek inside every 6 months to rotate meds and check expiration dates on supplies.
If you, or someone in your home requires prescription medication, please take the steps to have a back up supply in your emergency kit.
This can get tricky because typically insurance companies will not cover more than you NEED in a one month period…so a back up supply is out of the question from their perspective. With two kids with cystic fibrosis in our family, having a full month’s worth of Rx meds is vitally important since many of their medications are relatively unusual and not the kinds of things on the first trucks to restock even a chain pharmacy. This chicken broccoli casserole has quickly become one of our family’s new favorites!

Every household should have Band-Aids on hand because you never know when one of those moments will arise. After recently learning about the new QUILTVENT® Technology in BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages, I decided perhaps it was time to make a new Band-Aid purchase and update my First Aid Kit.
The new Band-Aids with QuiltVent Technology create air channels for superior breathability and wicks away blood to keep wounds clean.
I’d add in a different analgesic for the kids like an ibuprofen or paracetamol based preparation as a liquid.
If you have any accidents while at the park or other public place, you can run out to your car to get the kids (or adults) all fixed up, and back to having fun. After all, a covered wound heals faster than an uncovered one, so let’s give them their best chances of healing with this new technology. It’s well worth the extra cost to us (and the consequent sacrifices made initially to get it all.

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