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August 3, 2016 By Josh Leave a Comment So by the end of this week we should have our first stock of the DTEK50, BlackBerry’s security-first Android smartphone.
As has become standard fare for most products, a range of genuine branded cases and accessories will soon be available. This case takes its cues from those introduced in the past few years by other popular manufacturers. The case clips securely to the back of the DTEK50 and has a flip cover to protect the screen.
When activated in the settings, the DTEK50 screen will change to a minimised version that can be viewed properly through the window. This allows you to interact with incoming calls and notifications without having to open the case and unlock the screen.
The belt holster is favoured by anyone who needs quick and regular access to their phone but can’t have it in their hand at all times.
This version has a clip that rotates through 360 degrees so you can readjust the position for sitting or standing – great if you regularly move around an office or switch between vehicles. Very similar to the Smart Flip case above, the Smart Pocket uses the same technology to view notifications and calls through a window. Manufactured with a durable material, a rubberised grip adorns the base for added grip in the hand.

If keeping it simple is the order of the day, then the Hard Shell is as basic a protection as you can get. This protects the back plate and corners of the phone, useful for dissipating impact forces. It also helps to avoid scratches to these areas, beneficial if you planning on selling the phone at a later date and want to keep it as pristine as possible. Involved with both consumer electronics and software since the mid 2000s, keeping up to date with industry developments is as much a hobby as it is a job. Easy going but never afraid to share an opinion, Josh can often be found in his spare time listening to some heavy rock or at a local gig as well as playing with the latest gadgets and video games. We’re hearing some rumblings that Sonic will be offered as a new level pack in November. Since finishing his studies he has remained at Clove in a full time position, involved in sales, returns and social media. The user base for the Wii U is roughly 13 million worldwide, while the 3DS is at nearly 60 million units.

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