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The bees have been busily making honey all spring and summer, preparing themselves so they can sit around warming the hive over winter, and feasting on their summer’s labour. The queen reduces the amount of eggs she lays, so there is more honey to go around with less mouths.
A colony will require around 20 kilos of honey to safely get through winter, without artificial feeding. Here’s a few of my frames, showing the stored honey, and the reduction of brood in the hive.
The second frame has a lot of pollen in the centre, and is surrounded by white, wax capped honey. You might see how hard it would be to harvest this honey, and not get it mixed up with bee pupae, larvae, nectar and pollen.
A lot of DIY recipes tell you to dissolve either vitamin c tablets or L-ascorbic acid powder in water. That’s low enough for vitamin C to work, but not so low to cause irritations (unless your skin is super sensitive). At home, the best you can do is make a small batch, pour it into an opaque, airtight container, and store it in the refrigerator. A little late on this one… Are you aware of any good Vit C serums that don’t include hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate?
Chana, if you want something cheaper, you can try a vitamin C or AHA serum, but that’ll work more slowly. I sincerely think that, these days, too many people are jumping on the DIY bandwagon without taking the time to research the topic properly.
Rubbish, I have been using a good homemade Vitamin c serum for about a year now, and it works amazing.
It works for me, I have used ph strips once, and afterwards, I used the exact same measurements. It’s also preventing new ones, and sagging and any future age spots and hard sun damage.
I do not need scientific Anything, I can see for myself the changes, you know your face better than anybody else knows it. Look at it this way, Vitamin C is not the only ingredients, I also have hyalauronic acid in the serum which is the worlds best moisturizer. If you do enough RESEARCH you can make just about anything you set your mind to, and giving example of Vitamin C serum made with water and a tablet is just silly. When I finally started doing my own Vit C serum the results were fast and clear to see and far better than what I’d seen with Skinceuticals (which is insanely expensive). I use my Hyaluronic Serum in the am, use my Vit C serum at night, along with my usual moisuturizer.
I spend a fraction of what I used to spend on serums, and the results have been far superior. I’ve been doing all of this for almost 6 months, takes more effort but when you start seeing the results that will be all the motivation you need!
Hi Felicia, I’ve been reading through the comments and Im so curious to try a diy vit c serum and I saw that you alsomake your own hyaluronic acid?! Patricia, I agree we can’t completely trust corporations and anyone who is trying to sell us something. A lot of the beneficial nutrients that are stored in fruit and vegetable juices are stored with the fibre, fibre is not broken down well by the body and is expelled from the body along with some of the goodness it contains.
Fruit and vegetable juice contains plant chemicals known as phytochemicals which are known to be beneficial to our health in a number of ways. As well as phytochemicals other more obvious nutrients that are beneficial to our health found in juice are vitamins.
Be sure to wash your fruit thoroughly before juicing to remove and pesticides that may remain. For lots more features on healthy lifestyle, explore VegKitchen’s Healthy Vegan Kitchen page.
The white capping is the wax topping, sealing the honey in, preventing the honey from hydrating and fermenting. Pollen is a protein source, the honey is a carbohydrate or energy source, so its important to have stores of both. The brood capping must allow air to pass through as the bee develops, so the cap is made of a mixture of wax and pollen. I received my small colony in July, so they havent had a great workforce to build up this many stores in such a short time.
That means it won’t be able to penetrate the lipid-based barrier of your skin very well. A homemade vitamin C serum, instead, is more likely to have a ph that’s too low and that can cause irritations. If you find a vitamin C cream or serum packaged in a jar or see-through bottle, leave it on the shelf. That makes it a bit more effective, but also, for those with sensitive skin, more likely to cause irritations.
I just wanted to know i am 25 years old.and I have normal to combination skin which serum should i go for enlisted above.? Those ingredients are very fragile and unstable, and need to be properly formulated in a lab.

Since the preservative-free craze has started, a lot more products have had to be recalled from the shops because they went bad before they could even be sold, or were sold already spoiled.
Eight hours after application, my skin is brighter, more even, freckles fade and my skin feels more spongey.
So, when someone clicks on one of the links in this page and buys something, I get a few cents. I have noticed major difference in any lines and my skin is tight young and smooth, no ifs ands buts whats or whys?
And, yes, it’s mainly the vitamin C that is doing the anti oxidant power, see, I could turn down each and every 4 points you made easily.
Or try to fool others, let people do what they want to do, eventually they will find out what works, and what doesn’t.
When I find a great DIY recipe that works, I’m more than happy to share it with my readers, But Vitamin C is a very fragile ingredient, and needs to be treated carefully. Yes, it’s not always 100% effective, but if you don’t trust that, then who do you trust? But, if you don’t mind me asking: if you do so many things for your skin, how do you know the results are due to your DIY vitamin C serum? Just follow the recipe, mix the ingredients, and get a PH strip to make sure the PH is in the correct limits.
As for preserving, half the stuff you buy with a high price tag has already began oxidizing. When you try to pick an effective product you have to rely on comments from other users to back up the claims of the company. But why don’t you trust independent consumers who tried those products with good results? It’s for casual customers who find the odd recipe online and think that making a vitamin C serum is a piece of cake.
One of the problems with these serums and creams that you buy that cost hundreds of dollars have oxidized and have been sitting on the shelf for years and have more water than anything in the product I have read and seen many people talk about how their own vitamin C serum that they made has change thier skin. Juicing for improving health is one of the prime reasons that people get their first juicer and start juicing.
However, when fruit and vegetables are juiced the goodness is released from the fiber and so the nutrients are made available to the body in an easily digestible format. There benefits include help in removing carcinogens from the body, protecting our cells DNA, and protection against cancer cUausing substances.
For example carrot juice is a good source of vitamin A, peppers and citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C and pumpkin is a good source of vitamin E.
Some people suggest removing apple seeds before juicing as they contain small amounts of cyanide. If the product is purchased by linking through this review, VegKitchen receives a modest commission, which helps maintain our site and helps it to continue growing!
A queen excluder (a kind of bee cattle grill), prevents the queen from accessing, and laying eggs in the separated upper super frames, so that only honey is stored in them. Or add some L-ascorbic acid, easily available online and in most health stores, to your moisturizer? You can’t just add it to your cream, or make your own serum or toner, and expect it to work effectively and safely. Watching those vitamin C crystals dissolve can be a very satisfying feeling, giving you the illusion it’s working. It may still provide some antioxidants benefits for your skin, but it doesn’t even come close to what a vitamin C serum properly formulated by a cosmetic chemist who knows his stuff can do.
It oxidises, and loses a bit of its effectiveness, every time it is exposed to light, heat, and air.
You can add antioxidants that have been shown to have a stabilizing effect, such as ferulic acid, to the formula. But, as powerful as vitamin C is when properly formulated, there is only so little it can do on its own. You’d need to get the carrier, ph, and formula right and store it properly, which is very tricky to do even for professionals that spend their whole life doing this kind of work. Just look for something that has vitamin c at the beginning of the ingredient list and is packaged in an opaque, air-tight bottle. I love PC because every product contains actives that are proven to work, so you get your money’s worth. Even if you had all the ingredients, you still wouldn’t be able to replicate the formula at home. It just works because my skin had alot more fine lines and it was not tight like it is now. What’s the difference between a woman who bought a vitamin c serum in the store and tells you it works well for her and another woman who made her own vitamin c serum and tells you it works well for her? It is well know that a well balanced diet should include daily intake of fruits and vegetables. These phytochemicals are found in a wide range of fruit and vegetables such as broccoli, peppers, garlic, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, chives and cauliflower. The cells at the bottom of the frame are likely to be converted nectar, which the bees will be dehydrating, before capping. Also, the super frames are shallower than these brood frames so they don’t get too heavy, allowing easy hive management, and saving beeks backs.

By definition, a document retention policy is a systematic plan for maintaining, reviewing, and destroying documents and data, including hard copy, electronic documents, databases, emails, and other business records that are created, sent, or received by an organization during the standard course of business.In today’s business atmosphere, companies large and small are creating, receiving, and storing multitudes of electronic and physical documents and information at blazing speeds.
It does everything, from boosting collagen production to reducing hyperpigmentation and even enhancing sun protection. In that case, it’s much better to buy an effective serum from the store than making an ineffective one at home, don’t you think? You can’t pick a random recipe on the internet, mix the ingredient together, and hope for the best.
If you have confidence in science, then you should realize that it’s just a matter of mixing the right chemicals in the right amounts. I have worked for a lot of skincare companies- a lot of their “testing” is self-funded and based on personal opinions of women- so what better way to test your product that the results you get? I would rather try a DIY that works for the person who made it and who is unlikely to push it for profit. Because most of the fibres are left in the pulp that the juicer creates it is important that fibre is sourced from some other part of your diet as it is vital for a healthy digestive system. A lot of commercial juices are heat treated to lengthen the time they can stay on the shop shelf. Grapefruit and orange skins contain toxic substances, so make sure you don’t juice these skins although juicing the white pith is normal as the pith contains high levels of vitamin C and Bioflavinoids. Its surprising how heavy honey filled frames can be, with one of these frames weighing around 5 kilos. This information is stored on desktops, laptops, websites, phones, filing cabinets, and hundreds of other storage locations. Of course, both of these solutions can’t easily be done at home (unless you have your own super accessorized lab).
You need to find a teacher who knows what she’s doing, get the right ingredients, think about a good preservative system, including packaging. I make VC serum every once in awhile and my skin always looks brighter and more even- sometimes the VC serum can itch, but I find that to be the case with the high-end brands too.
Because documentation has become so easy to transfer and store, companies find themselves storing more and more information.
They help prevent premature ageing, so it can often takes years before you can see the results. Most people aren’t gonna bother with that and can end up making products that harm their skin.
I would like to firm up my skin, and I also hope that it can fade my hyper pigmentation, something I have used corporate products for with little success.
Do you really want to use something for that long only to realise, 10 years later, that it’s not working well at all? I prefer paying more for a product that guarantees results than making mine at home and discover years later is not that effective after all.
When I use my VC serum, that’ pretty much the only special regimen booster I use at that time, so my results are definitely attributed to the C. Or did she just find a random recipe online, mixed two things together and hoped for the best? For example, financial documentation should be retained longer than an employee sick day notification. OTC products usually contain small amounts of active ingredients so they take ages to work. That’s because those actives are very powerful and could cause serious problems if used in large amounts without proper medical supervision.
What – What documents should you retain? The first and most important step in configuring your retention policy is to identify what type of information needs to be retained. For example, you may specify that all contracts, insurance policies, employee records, etc.
How – How should you retain your documents?While deciding what documents should be stored is a critical step in formulating a document retention policy, it is also important to consider how these files will be stored – ie. Depending on the format and purpose of your document, the way in which you save and store it will change. For example, if you are storing mostly electronic documents, or converting physical files into electronic documents, it would be wise to invest in a secure document management system.As you prepare your document retention policy, you should keep your eyes open for new ways to keep your documents safe from harm.
Implementing the right document management software will not only help you retain documents – it will also provide you with a disaster recovery plan, an off-site data backup, and additional security measures such as data encryption and password protected files. Not only can you ensure best practices when it comes to the retention of data – you can protect valuable information from other threats.3. How Long –  How long should your documents be retained for?Just as important as the type of files, the length of time that documents are kept is also extremely important. By setting the proper time-limits for your document retention policy, you will prevent file build up while helping to prevent the accidental deletion of critical files. Not can a document retention policy help ensure the safety of your documents– it will also give you the benefit of the doubt should a file be required after its destruction date. Depending on your industry, the regulations on what types of documentation must be retained, and for how long, will vary.

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