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A safety sign is simply more than a piece of paper with the word “DANGER” or “WATCH OUT” written on it. Now let’s take a look at the various elements of safety signs and what message each conveys.
Circle – A circle sign, or a circle symbol within a sign, indicates that an order is in force. Triangle – A triangle sign, or a triangle symbol within a sign, indicates caution or danger.
Download our free case study for an example of Avalon’s comprehensive accident reconstruction services. This COSHH Poster outlines The Control Of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.Under current COSHH Regulations, Everybody at work should know the appropriate safety precautions to undertake so not to put themselves or others in danger by exposure to substances that are hazardous to health and the environment. Unfortunately, in today’s military the chances of using a 9-Line MEDEVAC (medical evacuation) format in combat is high and many operational personnel are not receiving the training required to properly call it in to medical personnel.
A-Urgent (surgical)- Requires inflight surgeon to perform surgery while en route to hospital. B-Urgent (non-surgical)- The patient has arterial bleed that can be stabilized until arrival at hospital.
C-Priority- Injuries that are not immediately life threatening but could become life threatening over time. D-Routine-  The patient requires regular medical care but unit cannot transport by their own means. Enter your email address to subscribe to Signal ITTA and receive notifications of new posts by email. Women’s ImagingOvulation Sonograms are performed to aid in determining ovulation for patients wanting to conceive. The Nuchal Translucency Sonogram is a test offered to pregnant women of any age during their first trimester pregnancy. A Pelvic Ultrasound is the evaluation of the female reproductive organs such as the uterus and ovaries. Follicular Study Ultrasounds are performed to aid in determining ovulation for patients wanting to conceive.
Breast ultrasound is used to provide your Physician with information regarding the health of your breasts.
Ultrasounds of the Abdominal area are used to help determine causes of abdominal pain, locating tumors, masses  or checking for gallstones or liver disease. We provide superficial structures ultrasound including the thyroid, scrotum (testicles) and limbs. Make an appointment with your doctor if you notice any changes to your skin that worry you.
ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis (external site) - an ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis (Personal) should be completed by the doctor when prescribing an adrenaline autoinjector. Patients and carers  are encouraged to regularly practise how to use the prescribed adrenaline autoinjector using a replica trainer device (does not contain medicine, has no needle, simulates action and sound ('click'), and can be repeatedly reset). A complementary trainer device is provided to you when you join EpiClub (external site) or Analert (external site) (free adrenaline autoinjector expiry reminders and education). A private individual can keep an adrenaline autoinjector for general use in their personal first aid kit, a permit is not required. Adrenaline autoinjectors are prescribed to patients assessed to have a significant risk of anaphylaxis.
Initial PBS authority prescription is provided by or in consultation with a specialist. Continuing PBS authority prescriptions for adrenaline autoinjectors can be provided by a GP. Adrenaline autoinjectors are available on PBS authority prescription, maximum 2 adrenaline autoinjectors per patient at any one time, no repeats can be issued. Used adrenaline autoinjectors that have been administered to treat anaphylaxis can be handed over to the ambulance officer when they arrive for the patient.
This tool box talk attendance register can be used to record on site training and delivery of tool box talks. This document has been created by our health and safety specialists and provides you with a simple form to record delivery of tool box talks on site. If you have used our construction tool box talks on site, you should record attendance so you know which operatives were involved in the talk. Tool box talks are a great way to raise health and safety issues, and help to meet your legal requirement to provide adequate health and safety information to employees and site operatives.

The document is provided in pdf format on one sheet of A4, making it easy to print and use on site. I wanted to let you know your documents were excellent and pointed us in the right direction. I have been downloading your free tool box talks and I found them informative so thank you very much. Hello and a big thankyou, your site has been very helpful and has taken the hard work out of this. Get access to all our documents by joining our membership site HASpod for unlimited downloads and edits.
With our membership site HASpod you get unlimited access to all documents (300+ templates) and courses (50+) from just ?595.00 + VAT. In order to keep employees and visitors safe you need to make them aware of any dangers that may exist and how to handle emergency situations if they should arise. Colors, text, and shapes all take part in effectively communicating the danger, the message, and what is required to prevent an accident from occurring. Yellow signs communicate that precautions need to be taken, you need to be careful and that you should examine before proceeding. Blue signs instruct you to take a specific action like wearing protective gear before you can continue. These are considered Warning signs with the purpose to indicate a potential hazard (caution) or a definite hazard (danger). In order to get the most out of health and safety signs, make sure that you choose the right colors and symbols to identify the level of danger and convey important information that can be lifesaving. Bites from this species should be treated immediately and attended to with correct first aid.
Readily turned up in inner suburbs with recent records by snake handlers from Milton, St Lucia and Moorooka but generally associated with suburbs supporting riparian habitats. Has been recorded climbing to take frogs from eves of homes but this is rarely encountered. Personnel should not reduce the overall efficacy of the force’s firepower to call in a 9-line.
In this step medical personnel and medically trained operators can begin to tend to life threatening wounds while maintaining security. MEDEVAC units will have varied response times but giving them notification of the situation as soon as possible will help reduce their time to station. Personnel calling in a MEDEVAC while in a state of panic may relay incorrect information orspeak in a manner that is incomprehensible over the radio. In addition every person on the ground should have a 9-Line MEDEVAC on his or her persons at all times. In most cases this is a predetermined, non-encrypted channel that is set-aside for MEDEVAC. Report has recently been incorporated into the 9-Line MEDEVAC format and traditionally comes after the 9-Line Format. Careful measurements are obtained of the Femur, Abdomen, BPD and HC to determine your baby’s weeks, fetal weight and due date. Pelvic Ultrasounds are ordered by your Physician due to complaints of pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, or to evaluate a mass in the pelvis.
During this test, follicles are counted and measured to provide patients with the ideal moment for conception. Ultrasound can aid your physician in locating breast cysts, masses and nodules within your Breast tissues. Abdominal Ultrasounds are considered painless, safe, and are typically performed within 30 minutes. Scrotal Ultrasounds are often order due to pain, swelling, or to evaluate a mass in the scrotum.
These products have different administration techniques and therefore are not approved by the TGA (external site) as being equivalent.
It is also important to report to the ambulance officer the time at which each EpiPen was administered.
Your local public hospital will have these bins and can dispose of adrenaline autoinjectors for you. A real Smile is one of the most effective means to capture the trust, attention, and it has added benefits as a stress reducer.
Smiling can lifts the face and makes look younger.  The muscles we used to smile lift the face, making a person appear younger.

Once downloaded you are free to save, print and use the tool box talk attendance register within your business for as long as you need it. If you have any questions or need some extra support using our services you can raise a support ticket and team will get back to you.
You get unlimited access to a huge library of ready to use professionally created documents and courses for your business. All documents come fully branded with your logo and company name as standard, and we add new documents and courses every week.
Employers have legal responsibilities to make these hazards known and visible to reduce the chance of an accident occurring.
Periodically review the meaning of safety signs and colors with employees to ensure all signs are understood. When you need new safety signs for your workplace, just give Avalon a call! A large freshly sloughed Black snake is truly a beautiful snake often even appreciated by self confessed snake despisers. This service is not just for Queensland snake identification but for all snake id across Australia. If the unit under fire reduces the overall aggression and violence of action against the enemy force it could result in a greater loss of personnel. If the operating element has a BFT (blue force tracker) this should be hit as soon as soon as possible to let supporting units know of the emergency. Again, operating personnel should practice radioing for help as part of their response to an attack. Remember, responding units will not come any faster if the RTO (radio telephone operator) is calling the 9-Line in an excitable manner. This can be a card placed in an IFAK (individual first aid kit), on a radio or kept in a pocket. We recommend using the RE Factor Tactical 9- Line MEDEVAC reference guide, which can be adhered to the back of a radio, buttstock of a weapon or inside of a vehicle.
Remember, training to send in a 9-Line is important for all personnel on the ground. You never know when YOU may be the one calling in a MEDEVAC and you never want to wait until the incident to figure out that you are unable to call it in properly. This normal accumulation of fluid is known as the Nuchal translucency ( NT ) measurements and it is often increased when a developing baby has Down syndrome. A Pelvic Ultrasound may help to determine if there are any ovarian cysts, or endometrial disorders, masses, or Fibroids in the pelvis. Breast Ultrasounds are commonly ordered after a mammogram has shown an inconclusive or questionable diagnosis.
In order to visualize a more clear aspect of your internal organs, a 6 – 8 hour food fast is required for abdominal sonograms. Scrotal and Thyroid Sonograms are considered painless, safe, and are typically performed within 10-20 minutes. You should know the pattern of moles, blemishes, freckles, and other marks on your skin so that you’ll notice any new moles or changes in existing moles. To qualify, the organisation must provide evidence of adequate training in emergency management of anaphylaxis, a protocol for administration, accessible expert backup (such as by a medical practitioner), appropriate incident reporting and documentation following use, and appropriate storage. Safety and health signs are vital communication tools and need to be designed properly for viewers to understand. Typically the colors of circle symbol or shape signs are red and black on white or white on black. Belly colour is visible along flanks and sides distinguishing it from the Eastern Small-eyed Snake. To ensure the 9-Line is called in properly the Operator should consider writing down the information to ensure all pertinent information is passed. It is critical that this measurement be accurate, therefore it should always be performed by a physician or sonographer that has proper certification. Ultrasound studies are considered safe, painless, and are typically performed within 20-30 minutes. Exams may include a Trans-abdominal and Endo-vaginal Ultrasound to provide the most information for your Physician. A full urinary bladder is necessary for the Trans-abdominal Ultrasounds. Ultrasound is also used for women younger than age 35 or that are breast feeding to evaluate palpable masses or areas of tenderness. For your convenience, we recommend an overnight fast and attempt to schedule our abdominal Ultrasound studies at the beginning of our office hours.
All areas should be examined, including your palms and soles, scalp, ears, nails, and your back. Breast Sonograms are considered painless, safe, and are typically performed within 15-20 minutes.

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