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You need to keep a solid inventory of emergency preparedness gear items in your vehicle in case something unplanned comes up.
Road flares and warning triangles prevent mishaps from getting much worse by warning other drivers of the danger well in advance. Your chances of needing this are probably pretty low (unless you live in Alaska, that is), but when the weather gets nasty in the winter, you might find yourself stranded. Needless to say, you don't want you or your loved ones to come into harm's way, but life throws bad stuff at you all the time, and that's true on the road, as well. If you have to pull over in the rain, snow or mud, you don't want to mess up your nice shoes. If your car battery's dead, and you have no way of finding out what's going on out there in the world when your car won't work, an emergency radio is sheer brilliance.
Flashlights are for chumps (okay, we love flashlights, too), but when it comes to checking on your car with both hands, a headlamp is better.
You could work out what to put in the kit yourself, but it’s best practice and common sense to consult a reputable Guide like Safe Work Australia’s Model Code of Practice- First Aid in the Workplace.
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Port Macquarie NSW10 September 2016REGISTER NOWDO NOT MISS OUT - Places limited and filling quickly. A basic medical kit contains items that assist first responders with the ability to treat minor injuries and illness or provide basic life support until more acute care can be accessed. After you have assembled your basic medical kit, it may be prudent to begin building more advanced kits for your vehicles, home and retreat.
CAUTION: Do not to exceed your own level of training if you have assembled advanced treatment kits. For more in depth information on medical care and supplies, contact Survival Tactics NOW to assist you with developing a robust medical plan or for consultation on supplying your advanced trauma kit as part of your survival strategy. As the weather gets nicer, we soon find ourselves being bothered by something we didn’t miss during the colder months – bugs. Ask your doctor or local pharmacist for advice on over-the-counter anti-itch medication, antihistamines, and pain medication such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen. Signs of Lyme disease or West Nile virus – a rash, fever, headache, weakness, muscle pain, or flu-like symptoms. Signs of the Zika virus – mild fever, skin rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise or headache.
To prevent bug bites, avoid areas with stagnant water (such as swamps), wooded areas and being outdoors during dawn and dusk, when insects are most active. First aid is the help that you give someone quickly after they have hurt themselves or have had an accident .
Do not move a person who may have a broken bone , internal injuries or an injured spine unless you really have to.
If the victim is unconscious turn the head to one side to keep the person from choking .
A victim who suffers from shock may look afraid, confused , weak and be extremely thirsty . A person who has swallowed something poisonous may die within minutes if they are not treated . If a person has inhaled a poison like carbon monoxide or chlorine gas move him or her to fresh air at once.
Poisons can also be absorbed through the skin if you get in contact with poisonous plants or chemical substances . When you treat burns never open blisters and do not put oil or other greasy substances on the burn. It is a good idea to have a kit with first aid supplies at home or in your car when you travel. Microscopic eggs, called oocysts, are ingested, then multiply in the intestines and are expelled in droppings.
Farmer Fred’s flock appears healthy and possesses immunity to the particular species of oocysts living in his yard. NO EGG WITHDRAWAL PERIODAmprolium is approved for use in laying hens by the FDA, which means there is no egg withdrawal period. AFTER the second round of treatment for cocci is completed, particularly when using amprolium, a vitamin supplement should be given to replace the Vitamin B1 lost during treatment. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. With Off-Roading becoming more and more popular and parts suppliers being readily available, "Wheeling" has become a weekend warrior type hobby that you can do with your daily driver. Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW all have impressive entrants and Lexus and Cadillac shouldn't be left out either. Honda just released photos and some details about the upcoming Civic Hatchback, and we're excited that it's almost here.
We've selected ten important items to keep in your car, aside from obvious things like your mobile phone (which you carry everywhere, anyway). Maintain crucial body warmth by keeping a compact and reflective blanket in your vehicle that traps body heat more efficiently than a standard cloth blanket.

Cans can lose pressure, causing improper inflating, and this is especially the case with drastic temperature changes.
Be prepared with a dedicated set of waterproof boots so you can tend to matters without making things worse.
If your car should become submerged, you can't always just kick the window to break it or open the door due to pressure differences.
If your lug nuts on your tires are loose, or you need to undo a battery cover to get your car jumpstarted, a good tool kit will come in handy. When all else fails--your phone doesn't work, your laptop is dead and you need something to write on, a notepad and pen works like charm (if you haven't forgotten how to use them, that is). Knowing how to administer basic first aid will increase your chances of surviving in many situations. Most insect bites and stings cause minor problems that can be treated at home – such as swelling, redness, or itchiness at the site. Remove the stinger from the skin by scraping it with the edge of a credit card or nail file. When outdoors, cover up as much skin as possible with long slacks, long-sleeve shirts, socks, and a hat; using insect repellent can also help. If you don't know the phone number of the local doctor or hospital dial an emergency number: 144 for an ambulance , 133 for the fire department and 122 for the police. An ambulance needs to know where the injured person is located and what exactly has happened.
You must begin helping a person at once, especially if the victim is bleeding strongly, has been poisoned or if breathing has stopped.
If the leg or arm is hurt you can try to stop bleeding by putting pressure on the artery that carries blood to the injured body part. In such a case either call a doctor , an ambulance or take the person to the nearest hospital . In such a case remove all the clothes that someone is wearing and flush the skin with water for about 10 minutes. Two or three minutes without breathing can cause brain damage and six minutes can be fatal .
It should include bandages , tissue , something to write on, a flashlight , scissors , safety pins , a spray or a lotion that kills germs .
With a little common sense and good flock management practices, cocci can be controlled and easily treated when necessary. Fred finishes up his morning coop chores and walks over to farmer Betty’s chicken yard with his shovel to help her dig some fence posts. The following two photos illustrate that not all blood in droppings is caused by cocci or worms.
Whether you plan to just go out on the trail to camp for the night or an intensive rock climbing weekend out into the great beyond there's some things you should do to prepare yourself. Understand the capabilities and functions of your vehicle- No we don't mean if it has heated seats or a back-up camera, or how many Starbucks Latte's your cup holders can handle; we mean REAL Functions of your vehicle. Is your vehicle properly equipped?- Having 4WD and fog lights are great for off-roading, but if the vehicle isn't properly equipped you won't get very far off the beaten path. Check or have your vehicle checked- Whether you drive your rig to the daily grind or it's your mud princess you should make it a rule of thumb to check out the basics on your vehicle before your next wheelin' trip.
That makes it tough for Jaguar to really stand out, but the XJL manages to earn its spot near the top of the heap. Photos show what amounts to the best looking Civic trim so far (at least we think so) that makes good use of the dramatic taillights and the overall new rakish design.
Sure, you might have an umbrella so you don't get wet walking 20 yards from your car to your office, but aside from that there's probably not much that's going to do you much good when things get bad out there on the road. A pair of good wellies or insulated and waterproof hiking boots work incredibly well and can also prevent injuries if you're changing a tire or pushing your car out to get going again. Keep one in your trunk, and you'll find yourself using it over and over again, even if the emergency isn't your own.
Find one that has elastic adjustability, long-lasting LED bulbs and adjustable aperture for wide and focused beams.
Write down license plate numbers, accident information or even just an important note for someone.
They just say the kits must be suitably equipped but don’t prescribe what they should contain.
Whatever Guide you use, the next step is to decide whether you need additional items or whether some items are unnecessary for your service. Severe injury and illness, when recognized, should be treated by personnel with more advanced medical training as soon as possible.
Survival Tactics NOW recommends that your advanced kit contain items that can be used by trained personnel to treat patients in the absence of their own kit.
However, with allergies and diseases found in some pests, it is important to know what to do, should an adverse reaction occur. Watch for difficulty breathing, swelling of the airway passages, confusion, and unconsciousness. The most effective repellents contain a chemical called DEET, but they must be used carefully to prevent side effects.

In some cases, you will be given instructions on what to do until a doctor or ambulance arrives. When a person is in shock blood does not carry enough oxygen and food to the brain and other organs. Then put a sterile handkerchief , cloth or towel on the wound and press it down with your hand.
Call a doctor or a poison control centre immediately and follow the instructions that you are given carefully. Second degree burns damage deeper skin layers and third degree burns destroy tissue of deeper layers of skin.
There are a number of species of Coccidia that affect chickens and immunity can be acquired by gradual exposure over time. Oocysts travel with him on the soles of his boots, his shovel and his clothes and are deposited in Betty's yard. Both of these samples were tested by my vet's laboratory and were NEGATIVE for cocci and worms.
We decided to put together a small list of things a beginner should consider before hopping the white lines of the road into the rocks and dirt.
Start with your tires, are they TRUE off-road tires with some fairly aggressive tread for traction?
We ALWAYS suggest finding a partner to at least ride with you in your truck or to bring their vehicle out on the trail with you.
It has everything you want in a luxurious long-wheelbase sedan -- a powerful supercharged V8 engine, premium interior materials and advanced technology.
Keep in mind that you need to check on their condition at least twice a year, in case some of them cease to work or need new batteries. It’s also advisable to check your incident, illness, trauma and illness records to ensure your first aid kit contains items that have been required in the past.
Properly stocked medical kits will assist with addressing potentially life threatening conditions, which is your first priority.
Administer epinephrine (more commonly known as Epi-Pens) if the person carries this lifesaving medication. Your local Kit Care representative can help you select the right products to protect you, your family, and your employees, and we can answer any questions you have on how to use them properly. Check our list below and feel free to comment below if you have some advice for beginners as well!
Your wheelin' buddy can help you spot your path through difficult areas, help you prepare your vehicle, and help assist you if you get stuck or have trouble. A good first aid and tool kit, jack, Flash Light, fix-a-flat, and tow strap are the bare minimum.
Checking the condition and air pressure of your tires right before you go on the trail is also a good practice. Once you have addressed immediate medical concerns you can begin taking care of the survival essentials. Warm the affected area with the heat of your hand or cover it with clothes until you can get the victim indoors. These are the important things things to know that will help you understand how extreme your off-roading can be.
You don't need swamp tires with enough ground clearance to fit a baby elephant under, but you do need to be able to clear some uneven terrain to even begin having fun off-road.
Always brief your partner of what you have done to your vehicle and what supplies you have packed so you can both be as prepared as possible. A shovel, blanket, food, and camping supplies aren't a bad idea either if you're really going far out and are adventurous enough to "rough it" for a night.
Off-Roading is rough on a vehicle and worn parts can instantly fail under severe conditions.
It's also a good time to practice locking hubs manually and driving in 4x4 before taking it out on the trail. Tires and suspension are the first two things you should consider upgrading if you plan to regularly take your vehicle off-road. Many of these tools also come with a seat belt cutter should you get stuck in one of those situations, too. For many enthusiasts this is all you really need to do other than simple bolt-on modifications like brush guards and better lighting. Also be sure to check your undercarriage for any damage that could have happened on the last trip; fluid lines as well as oil and transmission pans are all at risk on a relatively stock vehicle. Before modern drugs became available, milk sometimes was used as a flush to induce diarrhea to clean out the intestines of poultry infected with coccidiosis.
Today, instead of spreading coccidial protozoa from the loosened bowels of infected birds, we have a variety of drugs called coccidiocides that destroy the parasites and reliably cure birds of the disease.

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