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In an amendment to Health and Safety Regulations, the HSE is no longer responsible for approving first aid training providers.
An "Appointed Person" is there take charge of a situation, call for appropriate first aid assistance, record incidents and maintain the first aid facilities.
The suggested number of trained staff refers to the number present on site at any given time. The First Aid Safety Poster is an amazingly helpful all in one guide in case of an emergency.
Box that contains the materials required to administer first aid, including bandages, medication and instruments. Instrument used to remove fragments of a foreign body (usually splinters) accidentally introduced under the skin.
Absorbent white cotton containing no fatty or resinous substances; it is used to clean wounds. Extensible fabric that is rolled around a limb to reduce an edema (swelling) or to secure a bandage or splint. Instrument with two movable overlapping shanks having sharp inside edges; they are used for trimming and cutting.

Roll of extremely light, transparent cotton fabric used to make compresses or dress wounds. Stick whose ends are covered with cotton wadding; they are used to clean and disinfect wounds. Small strips of wood, metal or plastic used to immobilize a limb that is fractured, sprained or dislocated.
The Child Choking Poster by Bruce Algra (years 1-8), updated for 2013, shows and explains how to help a child who is choking in a step by step easy to follow process. PROHIBITION SIGNS Prohibition Safety Signs are used to prohibit actions to prevent injury. FIRST AID SIGNS First Aid Signs show directions to safety areas such as First Aid & Medical assistance. This means that employers are responsible for choosing what training is right for them depending on their risk assessment. Candidates attend the first part of an Emergency First Aid at Work course to gain this level of knowledge, however we recommened they do the full 1 day emergency first aid at work course. Clearly, and beautifully, shown are detailed illustrations and the exact information needed for bleeding, burns, fractures, sprains, eye injuries, shock, CPR, and choking.

The top of the poster shows the 3 critical steps to take when the child is choking and conscious. Please use the details below as guidance towards choosing the correct course for your business or establishment.
Accidents can occur at any moment and this poster will help any business be prepared for the most commonly occurring injuries.
The bottom of the poster shows what to do if the child becomes unconscious (or is unconscious already). We're very happy to accept official purchase orders directly from NHS Trusts, Local Authority funded schools and Local Councils.
This is an important life saving reference for restaurants, schools, child care facilities, business, or any place children are present.

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