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This aubergine bhaji recipe has won rave reviews from my South Indian in-laws, who have very discerning palates when it comes to authentic currys. Cut the eggplants into 1-inch pieces- preferably keeping at least one side of each piece with the skin on.
Once all eggplant pieces are browned, incorporate them into the sauce pan, making sure to cover all pieces with the sauce. I made this pretty much as written - except I used fresh chillies instead of cayenne, and to cut down on washing up I browned the aubergine in the same pan that I later used to make the sauce.
This was so very good, the addition of the mustard seeds really added to the overall flavour.

I also sliced the eggplant instead of cubing and cooked them first on a griddle pan - looks good (see the picture I posted) and cooks quicker.
I also threw in a can of diced tomatoes and 2 fresh tomatoes sliced into eighths, as suggested in some other eggplant curry recipes.

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