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Kylie Jenner’s birthday is coming on August 10th, and the It-girl has a clear idea of properly celebrating it.
Aside from the usual, imposing Kardashian-Jenner kind of celebration party, Kylie is going to restock her special Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition makeup line that will surely sell out within a few seconds, once again.
The first stock went online on August 1st, and a second one is scheduled for August 4th (oh, it’s tomorrow!).Although more restocking is expected between the 4th and the 10th, we won’t get surprises to see all of the pieces fly off of the shelves within a few seconds.

If you want to get your hand on Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Edition Makeup line, you should therefore never underestimate other customers’ alacrity and get ready to act extremely fast!So, here is a quick recap. What’s inside Kylie’s Special Edition makeup line?For this special edition collection, the soon-to-turn-19 entrepreneur and beauty guru opted to revamp her iconic packaging by dipping it into a glamorous, captivating gold shade, which is perfectly in tune with Kylie’s whimsical and fashionable style.The series includes some of Kylie’s makeup must-haves that she has been wearing for a while now along with her Kyshadow palette.
Among them, the first thing that catches our eye is the mini set of six lipsticks ($36.00), the names of which should be familiar to those who already own some of Kylie’s matte lipsticks (except for one).

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