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This dystopian features a strong-willed female main character who must make major life choices that impact not just her future, but the lives of those in her own family, as well.
The series isn’t complete yet, as the final installment, titled Raging Star, comes out in April 2014.
Like Divergent, Aguirre’s trilogy is set in a world where those who make it to their mid-teens are divided into one of three groups. In order to become part of the next generation destined to save the world as they know it, teens must The Testing, which will admit them into higher education and onto a promising career path.
Book two, Independent Study, will release in January 2014 and the final book, Graduation Day, comes out in June 2014.
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L'histoire d'une romance passionnelle, et sexuelle, entre un jeune homme riche amateur de femmes, et une etudiante vierge de 22 ans. Une question brule toutes les levres : le film de Sam Taylor-Johnson est-il fidele au roman ? If you’ve read all of John Green and you finished up The Hunger Games series, where do you go next for a satisfying read?

Dystopias are stories set in the near or far future, wherein there is an oppressive government and repressed society.
This series is fast paced, features a romantic subplot, and the setting is as bleakly memorable as Roth’s future Chicago. Cos we've got enough Podcast material to keep you occupied for roughly 2 years and 147 days.
I’ll dissect what it is you probably liked in those books and offer up three new books or authors for you to explore.
She’s equal parts intelligent and headstrong as she is willing to conceded that she has emotions and allows herself to have them. Hunters gather food from outside the enclave while avoiding the Freaks who want to get them. When Tomas, Cia’s long-time friend, offers an alliance during The Testing, Cia will not only be tested through the program, but her emotions and her trust for Tomas will be, too. Camp fire on Ogygia Bianca Di Angelo Children of the Big Three sirens camp fire on Ogygia The Last Olympian Percy Jackson Wallpaper Camp half-blood *Percabeth* Percy Jackson Petition!! On ne va pas vous mentir : tout ce tohu-bohu autour du caractere sulfureux du film n’etait pas vraiment necessaire.

She can flirt with romantic notions as much as she can stand up for herself and make life-altering choices. But when Deuce finds herself paired with Fade at the time of group divisions, she may not achieve her Huntress dream. Charonneau’s book will satisfy Divergent fans for the obvious reasons, but it will also satisfy those who loved The Hunger Games.
In Divergent, the government believes by testing teens and placing them into factions, they can control their future survival as a society.
This series is more post-apocalyptic than it is dystopian, but it features many of the same appealing elements as Divergent, including a complex female character who proves herself such within the limited confines of her world. Save the world with Riptide Percy and Annabeth frank hazel The Rage of the House of Hades The Rising - A percabeth Fanfiction The Children of the Big Three Camp Half Blood Cabin Yard Percabeth Percabeth Lightning peaceful sleep Jelous Jason pooor rachel Angry Bird!!! Percy Jackson Underwater Circe, maybe Annabeth Chase Thoughts Annabeth Annabeth In Gangsta Version XD The Best Daughter of Athena There Ever Was For Once, Annabeth's Fear Of Spiders If Useful To Percy Accidental Kiss Yes, Percy.

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