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When a bear destroys a beaver lodge, the only survivor is a baby beaver rescuers name Peanut. Peanut the Beaver was rescued after a bear attacked the dam where her family lived, killing them all and leaving her homeless!
Abagnale led rescuers on a wild game of cat and mouse as they tried desperately to catch this injured sea lion before it was too late! Laurie acts as a surrogate mother for Peanut the Beaver, giving her 24 hour care and teaching her important skills for survival! Another sea lion is found fighting for survival on one of the most unexpected places…Alcatraz Island! 13 of our Venturer Scouts headed to Penrose State Forest to compete in the Annual Dragon Skin leadership and initiative camp contested by over 850 Venturer Scouts from NSW, VIC, QLD. Yes again our annual survival camp was an enormous hit with the venturer scouts as they took on all the challenges of the weekend including limited food, skinning snakes, having to prepare their own meat, spearing and bow and arrow making, lighting fire by rubbing sticks together and so much more.

We headed down to Gerroa with our mates from Sylvanvale Disability Services for a day of surfing fun.
The Venturer Scouts headed down to Wanda and spent the morning clearing considerable amounts of rubbish. The venturer scouts headed down to a home of an elderly man called Kevin in Caringbah with gardening tools in hand excited to help him as he has limited physical ability. Ireland’s first shipping container home was donated to the St Vincent de Paul charity and will be used as housing for the homeless.
Beginning construction by cutting out the sides of the shipping container to allow for windows and doors to be installed. A SeaWorld expert becomes little Peanut’s surrogate mom and helps her adapt to a new life.! Jake Juretic led his team of  Matt R, Jacob V, and Oscar P in an outstanding effort which was rewarded with a 1st place for our 4th successive win.

Throughout the night we chopped trees and bushes, weeded the garden beds and cleaned up around the place. The shipping container home was designed by Architectural firm Ceardean Architects, and built by a 60 person team of contractors and craftsman. Trish M’s team put in a  good effort with a 19th place and Kanye led his team to 71st place.
One needs help escaping from Alcatraz Island, while the other dodges rescue attempts for weeks at Pier 39 and a harbor 90 miles south of San Francisco! As always, its all about doing your best in the activities and partying  Well done to all our teams.

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