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The first assignment of the final chapter of Moira's guide will require you to become a historian.
If you want to dig deeper and find out the true story of Rivet City you will have to find Pinkerton. This time you'll have to travel to RobCo facility, however if you have a perk called Robotics expert you can avoid this trip and also you won't lose a reward for an optional assignment.
Approach the main computer of the factory and install the processor you've received from Moira.
The final assignment given to you by Moira will require you to visit one of local libraries.
If there's a way to reactivate and control the robots there, it'd make for a good example of harnessing the past's technology for the book! Tinker Joe can be found in the parking lot outside the facility along with his robots, including potential companion Sergeant RL-3. After installing the mainframe processor, the option to reconfigure the mainframe to stop all the protectrons in the facility from attacking presents itself, as long as the Lone Wanderer has at least 50 Science skill. When entering this room, there will be two pool tables, and the right one having a couch on top of it. 2 pre-War book; 1 on the shelf behind the reception desk, and 1 next to the Big Book of Science in the control room. Nikola Tesla and You - After entering Offices and Cafeteria, go right, head straight (past the washrooms) and look on the table (next to the desk) in the third cubicle on the right. 52 dinner plates and 47 drinking glasses, the highest amount of both in a single section in the game. Inside the restrooms next to the main reception, a broken protectron is seated on a toilet, with scrap metal inside the toilet below.
Moira will sent you to Rivet City in order to find out something about how it began to exist.
Check the second chapter of my guide (description of Rivet City) in order to find out how to reach his hideout. Your target for this mission is the Arlingon Library which can be found in the southern area of the map.
Prevent your character from getting shot at from too many directions and attack the bandits once they've been wounded by brotherhood soldiers, so it won't take too long for you to finish them off. There are a number of unused protectrons which remain in their charging stations and a few Nuka-Cola vending machines on the various levels.

Two will be more specialized and in the spotlights: a Nuka-Cola protectron and a military-issued protectron.
It is located on a desk in the cubicle to the left when entering the room past the reception desk. Journal of Internal Medicine - Offices and Cafeteria first floor, southernmost room, left before the stairs going up. Similar to this, there is also a skeleton with a camera and pre-War money looking underneath a bathroom stall. During the conversation with Pinkerton you must be very convincing, because only then he'll tell you the story.
Sadly, installing the CPU will activate protectrons and security turrets throughout the entire factory.
I wouldn't recommend trying to get there through the metro tunnels, because it would be extremely dangerous. Yearling will pay you 100 bottle caps for each pre-war book you manage to find and deliver to her.
You will receive two items from her - a mininuke and the first issue of the Wasteland Survival Guide. On a desk in the most north west cubicle, next to a Jet and a first aid box.This room also contains one of the Stealth Boys, on the desk closest to the Protectron charging station. Your task here will be to talk to some of the people who know a lot about the history of this city.
Don't forget to ask him for some kind or a proof (screen) and he'll give you Rivet City historical record.
Furthermore, you'll be given a new perk, but the quality of the perk will depend on how many side objectives you've finished. However, turrets will be hostile regardless of other settings (Turrets remain non-hostile as long as the "Total Liquidation" function has been ceased). The first level of the factory is taken over by rodents and insects, so it shouldn't be a problem to get rid of them, even with a melee weapon. After that you should stay close to the southern edge of the map, because there's a road here (screen) which leads directly to the library. To the northwest there's a small room with two storage closets with minor loot and ammunition. This will make leaving the factory a lot easier and you'll also fulfill the optional assignment.

You will probably encounter a few raiders along the way, but it's nothing compared to what you would have to do in the sewers.
You can also go and ask Belle Bonny and she will mention that Bannon is the person you need to talk to. The funny thing is that you can convince her that Rivet City was once inhabited by a powerful civilization of underwater creatures. It shouldn't get harder here, however the factory is a multi-story building, so you can't rely on your personal map.
There are a lot of landmines in the area and you may also end up being attacked by security turrets. The left path going to a room with a few lockers and shelves that then leads to a larger room which seems to be a small part of the assembly line for the robots.
Eventually you must get to the central server room (screen) which can be found on the upper floor. She will also promise that she will ask some of the traders in Rivet City to lower their prices for you. She will hand over a couple of pulse grenades (great against robots!), as well as a big book of science. Notice that brotherhood soldiers are fighting with raiders throughout this entire building complex.
Obviously you should help your allies in getting rid of the bandits, however you can also wait for the fights to end if you feel unsure of your success.
The right path is simply a winding flight of stairs that also leads to overlooking the large room. To the left and another left there is a small room where the first hallway ended and past that there is another room with minor caps and loot. If heading right from the original room, there will be a short hallway with restrooms on either side. The left path there's a storage closet and past that is a small monitor room with two lockers. Lastly, continuing straight from the stairs is the main computer room for the whole building.

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