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The Green Cardinal Initiative is a group of students, faculty, and staff at Saginaw Valley State University who are interested in creating a more sustainable future. We know the benefits of hydroponic gardening, aquaponics and vermicomposting, and how practices like these can help the home gardener grow more food efficiently. Do you want to produce crops from wormcompost but with these ones on a inert substrate and its roots inside the solutions produced form wormcompost?
Vermiponis systems are really sustainable, since require low energy and have low nutrient losses. Unlike organic hydroponics, when you can use either the leachate, worm extract or worm tea, on Vermiponics you can use only the extract. I have just set up an IBC as a second system system (have existing 9 month old 1000L tank and growbed) with the original intention if growing seedlings in it (ie scatter seeds and see what happens).
This website allows students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members to sign up to be a Green Cardinal and to join in the conversation.

Vermiponics combines the best of the three in a self-sustaining mini-ecosystem, using the castings of red wriggler worms as fertilizer. You just have already look that plants just need for their life cycle, of water, nutrients and light. The reason being that with the summer weather we have trouble growing seeds and they die from the heat and drying out). Is half full with water from other fish tank and ammonia is high with nitrites detected..just waiting for the nitrates to start kicking in and were off and running! The idea is that the cultivated plants and worms mutually benefit each other, much like the fish would in an aquaponic system. When they have the desirable quality is possible to use solutions produced from the wormcompost making use of a cropping vertical system.
Compared to an aquaponic system though, worms in a vermiponic set-up requires less water and maintenance than fish would, making it an advantageous operation.So if vermiponics is something you would like to try, then check out our mini-roundup of do-it-yourself vermiponics videos here, and feel free to suggest ideas or add your own vermiponics links in the comments below.VERMAPONICS!

Based on this concept, it is possible to grow, for example, your own vegetables on different places.
Since it is the actual waste treatment system which provides nutrients to the hydro and aerohidroponics process, only extract is produced under these conditions. We do have heaps of vegetable food scraps and my current worm farm cant handle the amount so it just goes to compost. Anyone set up an IBC for purpose of growing seeds only?Thanks in advance for your comments!

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