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The idea behind the development of this manual is to make Vermicompost technology more accessible.
The manual is formatted in a manner that provides a syllabus for Middle or High School teachers as a class project, and has been utilized by the Oregon Green School program since the mid-1990’s.
I became interested in verimcomposting in 2003 and purchased Worms Eat My Garbage: How to setup & maintain a vermicomposting system to research the subject. I have had worms bin for nine years now and have adopted the philosophy of benign neglect for their operation. Pocket feeding involves digging a 'pocket' in the bedding, inserting the organic waste then recovering it with the excavated material. In top feeding the organic waste is spread in a thin layer over the top of the bedding and is covered with fresh bedding. In the continuous method vermicompost is harvested as it falls through a grate in the open bottom of the bin more or less continually.

After having used both a 'storage tote-pocket-batch' bin (link) and a 'flow through-top-continuous' bin (link) I found I preferred different aspects of each. I’m also fascinated by the potential of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) for organic waste handling.
I purchased about 100 BSFL from a pet store in the summer of 2011 and after some trial and error was successful in having them mate and complete their life-cycle indoors. Cornell University’s vermicompost research page - Includes an educational video on vermicomposting from Cornell University on YouTube. Additionally, the detail provided draws upon years of experience with vermiculture technology and covers every aspect of the operation, from identification of appropriate food in your waste stream, to the use and marketing of the product. I started my first bin in a storage tote in May 2004, had a flow through bin for a couple of years and I'm currently using an inverting bin.
Other than the five minutes required to feed it every week and harvesting the compost two or three times a year they requires little attention.

In this design the bin is top fed and inverted (flipped over) for easy batch harvesting via a removable bottom. This manual also includes a boiler plate operations plan check list so you can define the scope of your compost operation and present it to your local regulatory agencies. Like the 'flow through' bin an 'inverting' type also provides excellent ventilation from the top and bottom.
This means that for every 100 lbs of restaurant food waste deposited into a unit, only 5 lbs of a black, friable residue remain!" (link).

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