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It all started when we realized our composter in the backyard just really doesn’t do a great job.
Since you can feed them paper products too, you can really cut down on the garbage you send to the landfill.
For more detail on the benefits, check out this article from somebody much smarter than I am about such things. For now, we just have the two bins and the worms are eating about 4 pounds of waste a week.

I think he first started thinking of vermicomposting when he discovered the Urban Farming Guys, but that’s just a guess on my part. However, Rick has started construction on an outdoor worm bin that we will use just as soon as the weather gets warm enough. Because my husband has become a vermicomposting demon and we now have about 4,000 worms eating our garbage.  We started with 2,000 and one bin about six weeks ago. And, after it’s full, you have to wait several months for the compost to finish composting.

We now have two bins and Rick has been transferring the adorable (and very hungry) little guys to the new bin.
My kitchen now houses worm bins, and I have completely fallen in love the the wiggly little cutie pies.

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