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Hans Mayer had kids dancing up a storm during the annual Enchanted Forest event Saturday in La Crosse's Hixon Forest. Here are a selection of brief news items from this week's paper edition, and possibly a few news briefs that didn't make it in the paper. Rocky Trail Entertainment kicked off the 2014 gravity season with a bang last weekend in Ourimbah State Forest. Promount Billet founder Michael Vanos styling it up after a rough run on the CDB trail, losing vital seconds but keeping up to speed after a break from racing.
While many saw menace in the knife edge rocks that litter the trail, adventurous riders found joy in the numerous natural jumps to be discovered at Ourimbah. Trail Base Camp, where riders caught their breath and recalled momentous race runs, compared times and tweaked bikes.

The combination of the CDB Downhill trail and Shimano trail, and a steamy 28C day put the Enduro in the Rollercoaster round, a great day for racing, not to mention on the Australia Day public holiday!
Jon Odams appears to be walking on air to the finish line, powered by his 2013 Rollercoaster overall title. Bromley Richards tackles the most mentally-tough section of the day, a rock roller come wooden tranny which sends riders hurtling into a pedal section before dropping into the second half of the track.
Flow Mountain Bike’s Mick Ross steaming in on the CDB downhill trail, gliding into the final minute of the Rollercoaster stage! Following the now-developed race formula made up of two timed sections, with an untimed section between and restricted shuttling, round 1 was an opportunity for many to rekindle their race faces, and for elites like Brad Kelly and Jon Odams to prove that an off-season doesn’t mean a decline in performance! Ourimbah included a full run of the downhill trail, complete with rock jumps, pallet landers, and famously great berms on entry and exit to the trail.

Completed quickest by Ourimbah legend Brad Kelly in just over 6 minutes, the Shimano trail encompassed the versatility of mountain biking and provided a less-intense experience for the more XC oriented riders on the day. At the end of the downhill trail the timed section continued on to a short XC style loop, ensuring jelly-legs for those who pushed the pace on the DH track.

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