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Ark survival evolved has become the best selling multiplayer game while being on steam as Easy Access title. However, those rebels at Kotaku went back to see what would happen if you simply roll over and take the Joy at the start, and the answer is simple: you win the game. This year’s World Breastfeeding Week focuses on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that governments around the world have agreed to achieve by 2030.
World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2016 marks a new start for us to work together and show how we can achieve sustainable development through the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding. We encourage partners to use this platform to help in your effort to raise awareness of breastfeeding and highlight links between breastfeeding and the SDGs.
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GenusPlantago (1)Greater plantain Plantago major is a familiar plant that forms a rosette of dark green leaves that lie close to the ground.
Greater plantain biologyThis perennial herb flowers from May to October (1), and is pollinated by wind (2). This ubiquitous plant was called ‘English man’s foot’ by the Native Americans of New England as it seemed to crop up in the very footsteps of the settlers (5).
The leaves are very resistant to trampling, and as a result they were thought to heal bruises and wounds caused by crushing (4). Greater plantain rangeEvidence of this native species has been found in pre-Neolithic deposits (1). It is very common and widespread in Britain and is also found throughout mainland Europe, in north Africa, northern and central Asia. You can view distribution information for this species at the National Biodiversity Network Gateway. Greater plantain habitatFound in open habitats and typically occurs on tracks and paths subject to trampling, disturbed roadsides, field edges, and grasslands (3).
There may be further information about this species available via the National Biodiversity Network Gateway. AuthenticationThis information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible.
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GenusCapra (1)The West Caucasian tur is a large, robust goat with a long and deep body (2).

West Caucasian tur biologyThe West Caucasian tur predominantly lives in single sex herds, typically containing several dozen individuals (2).
The West Caucasian tur is most active from late afternoon until early morning, when it emerges from cover to start grazing (6).
The West Caucasian tur undertakes seasonal migrations, moving up to 2,000 kilometres up or down the mountain slope (2).
West Caucasian tur rangeThe species is endemic to the western part of the Great Caucasus Mountains in Russia and Georgia, between Tchugush Mountain and the upper Baksan River (5) (6).
West Caucasian tur habitatThe West Caucasian tur inhabits subalpine and alpine regions between 800 metres and 4,000 metres above sea level (1), where it may be found in alpine meadows, rocky, barren areas, or in forest (4). West Caucasian tur threatsThe West Caucasian tur faces a number of threats and, as a result, population numbers have declined significantly over recent decades. West Caucasian tur conservationCurrently, conservation efforts for the West Caucasian tur have focused on the protection of the Nature Reserves that it inhabits.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The SDGs build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and cover a range of issues on ecology, economy and equity. The flowers are borne on a narrow spike, earning the species the alternative name of ‘rats’ tails’ (4).
The subspeciesintermedia is usually found in saline habitats, such as the upper sections of saltmarsh and close to coastal creeks (3). In summer, its coat is generally a reddish-brown, while in winter it dulls to more of a greyish-brown.
Only during the mating season, or rut, which extends from November to early January, do mixed herds form, and continue to live together for up to two months after the rut ends (6).
The diet of the West Caucasian tur contains over a hundred different species of plant, primarily grasses. In winter, when deep snow blankets the higher parts of the mountain, the West Caucasian tur struggles to walk, making it vulnerable to predators and exhaustion (6), so it migrates down the slope to escape these harsh conditions. In the late 1980s, the population was estimated to be around 12,000 animals, while in 2004 it was estimated to be 5,000 to 6,000 (6). These include the Caucasus Nature Reserve and Teberda Nature Reserve, which are thought to contain about 3,500 turs (1). To learn about climate change and the species that are affected, visit our climate change pages. The new SDGs aspire to tackle the root causes of poverty and offer a vision of development that works for all people, everywhere.

The guard hairs and underfur of the coat start growing longer during September and by the end of October the West Caucasian tur has a full winter coat. In the winter, foraging is made harder by the snowfall and the tur may be seen using its hooves to scrape away snow to reach the vegetation buried below, or must rely on shrubs and trees for food. Many hunts are organised that focus solely on this imposing species, while there is also intense competition with livestock for natural resources. It is thought that in the future, the most effective way to conserve the West Caucasian tur will be to increase protection in these reserves (1). This subspecies tends to be a smaller plant, with fewer veins on the leaves (2), however its morphological characteristics are not yet clear, and more work in this area is required (3). In fact the leaves do actually contain tannins and certain astringent substances that soothe cuts and nettle stings (4), and they are still used in parts of Shetland for burns and wounds (5). For around ten days after the birth the female will hang back from the rest of the herd, using her horns to protect the kid (2).
The West Caucasian tur is also known to visit salt licks all year-round for natural minerals (2).
Males, and occasionally also females, have a dark brown beard on the chin which also becomes much longer and thicker during winter (3).
The legs are short but strong, which is unsurprising for an animal that has to negotiate precipitous terrain with ease (3).
Both male and female West Caucasian turs possess impressive horns, although those of the male are particularly striking, being much longer and thicker than those of the female (2) (4).
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