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Have you ever started a baking recipe and gotten into it before realizing you are missing one of the ingredients? There have been times though when I got half way through a recipe and found I didn’t have one of the ingredients.
Make sure you like The Homestead Survival on Facebook, Shop AMAZON with Us and explore our PINTEREST BOARDS for innovative ways you can become self-sufficient on a budget. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no medical claims, nor intend to diagnose, treat, or heal medical conditions. The message I wanted to convey yesterday In Rural or Urban Preparedness Part I is to get into preparedness regardless of where you live. Keep in mind there are two different types of scenarios that an urbanite will need to endure in a “worst case scenario.” One that requires them to stay put, regardless, and one that requires them to get the heck out of dodge. A mandatory quarantine, destructive earthquake affecting the roads, and martial law are just a few scenarios in which you would simply need to stay put. Since access to the outdoors should be limited to city dwellers during a survival scenario, consider carefully what alternative fuels you’ll use for cooking, purifying water, and heating indoors. One of the most important considerations if you live in a densely populated area is that you must plan on deliberately being inconspicuous.
All of the 10 Principles of Preparedness shared previously on this site are applicable to city dwellers. Two people living in a townhome in the city is simply too easy of a target for evil marauders to pass up in a desperate situation.
City dwellers are actually in more danger of being subjected to crime than country dwellers are. I have a few friends that will head my way if a disaster strikes that threatens their area. I agree I think to many folks think they can run to the hills and be safe and not think about the problems that will be once they get there.
You will have to stay away from the more aromatic dishes and stick with more processed dishes with canned meats, beans, or nuts added in at the end. Kellene, as usual, these last few posts have been the best--it's like you are talking to us one on one; talking to us as your friends and neighbors in sharing your knowledge & gift of persuasion for us to 'do it now and git 'er done'--I learn more from you than many books--when is yours coming out??
Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment. The semi-automatic AR-15 based sniper weapon system, often referred to as a Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) or Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), is a precision weapon ideal for close to medium ranges (25yd-800yd). In the AR-15 rifle, the barrel is threaded to the barrel extension which functions as the receiver on a traditional rifle. In any rifle, accuracy is largely the result of the perfect alignment of the bolt, barrel, and receiver as well as the quality of the barrel. In the AR rifle, the upper receiver is simply a housing for the bolt and carrier and an attachment point for the barrel. The beauty of this design is that free-floating a quality barrel in an AR-15 rifle results in accuracy that rivals very expensive finely tuned bolt-action rifles.
Take a rifle with a military barrel contour, hold the receiver so that it cannot move, and pull down on the barrel with one finger.
If replacement with a rail system is an option, there are several systems that can free-float the barrel without gunsmithing. If a bipod is used, it should always be attached to the free-floating handguards and not to the barrel.
As mentioned earlier, a 20” SS match grade heavy barrel chambered for 5.56 is primarily used when building a DMR-15. For a Special Purpose Rifle or Designated Marksman Rifle, the ideal scope to mount is one capable of 1x-8x or 2.5x-10x magnifications. For dedicated long-range shooting with a DMR more so than an SPR, more traditional scopes usually work if mounted as far forward as possible in standard rings. The standard mil-spec trigger found on any AR-15 is rough, gritty, single stage, and usually requires approximately 8lbs of force to fire the weapon. The 5.56 cartridge has had a reputation of poor to mediocre performance in combat though it deserves a much better reputation than it has.
If a 5.56 projectile passes straight through a person, it makes a very small wound channel.
Black hills now has incredible 55gr and 62gr TSX cartridges that expand reliably to an average of .45 inches, and tend to maintain about 100% of their weight for deep penetration. These cartridges are in use by the US military and are used exclusively by many in the special operations community who have found them to be far more effective than standard M855 ammunition. The standard A2 buttstock, while longer than ideal for a tactical rifle, works well for a scoped rifle. For the designated marksman who wants more flexibility in his weapon system, there are several forward vertical grip designs that incorporate a built in bipod of some kind. The primary difference between these two sniper rifle builds comes down to length and weight. While homes 30 years ago might take 10 or 15 minutes to fully go up in flames; with our abundance of synthetic products utilized for building and furnishing our homes means that if I fire were to hit you tonight you would likely have between 2 and 4 minutes to get out of your home. While the air is just over 100 degrees at the floor, it can be over 900 degrees at eye level, and 1200 Degrees along the ceiling.  Meaning that you may be able to crawl and only suffer from toxic fumes, but if you stand and take a breath you scorch your lungs and die that way instead. 80% of fires are started as electric fires; so don’t over load power strips, unplug things that are no immediately being used, and such.
How do we mitigate the threat?  The fire extinguisher in your garage is a good start, but what good does it do you when you are trying to vacate a bedroom?  Do you at least shake the extinguisher every few months or hit it with a rubber mallet to keep the powder from caking and settling?
Do you have a plan that is rehearse at least every 6 months with all household members?  Do you have a preplanned rally point for accountability so firefighters don’t risk loss of life for someone that might be safe? Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside bedrooms and outside of sleeping areas; check them monthly by pressing the test button. Create a fire escape plan, identifying two escape routes from every room of your home, and designate a meeting place a short distance from the home where family members can meet should they be separated during a fire. There are many things to consider when coming up with a plan; like avoiding a fire in the first place.
Don’t store any type of paints or accelerants out of your furnace room as this is a massive fire hazard.
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With this list of things you can swap for what you may be missing you can still keep making your recipe, Just swap out the item on the list for the corresponding item that you may be missing.
The list of swaps is from Urban Survival Site and they have made a list of 50 different things you can swap in a recipe.
Women who are pregnant or nursing, or persons with known medical conditions should consult their physician before taking any herbal products. It’s unrealistic to think that we can all live out in a rural environment and only by doing so will we be safe and secure. As such, you need to be sure that the supplies within your home are sufficient for you to endure a long-term scenario. Since I’m discussing this topic, I’ve got to bring up the Physical Preparedness component here that will be especially important to city dwellers—DEFENSE. Two adults would have very little luck defending themselves against a determined gang of 6 or 8.
Having enough supplies: It's a bit difficult to have 12 months of every thing you need in a car or truck. You probably have met folks in Home association meetings or neighborhood watch, or PTA or other things. The spotter then has the defensive firepower of light semi-auto, with long-range capabilities to match his training should the need arise. Several companies offer float tubes for service rifle competitors that are almost indistinguishable from military issue configuration.
The rails are removable, so only necessary rails need to be installed in any location around the handguard.
In short summary, the correct free-floated barrel, optics, ammunition, and trigger are the most important factors.
SPR-15s are essentially the same rifle as a DMR but are often found utilizing an 18” mid-weight barrel.
The charging handle generally will end up under the scope in this case and an extended charging handle makes operation easier. It is an excellent intermediate barrier penetration cartridge, with excellent expansion and weight retention after penetrating vehicles or windshield glass. There are very expensive stocks out there that have buttons and wheels and really cool looks that would require three hands and an engineering degree to operate. Choosing something with only the necessary rails for the equipment to be mounted will shave unnecessary weight and bulk.
Many of the newer designs are very awkward to use and have no real advantage over traditional designs.
A Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) will almost always sport an 18” mid-weight barrel while the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) will utilize a heavy-weight 20” barrel. I think printing this and keeping it handy is a good idea, especially if you do a lot of baking.
In those types of scenarios it’s likely you will still have access to gas, electric, and water, thank goodness. Butane is a fuel that you can consistently use indoors without worrying about fume inhalation. A fire hazard can come from Mother Nature, cooking indoors in a way you’re unfamiliar with, candlelight, from a criminal act outdoors, of from the carelessness of your close neighbors.
Whatever you do, don’t bring attention to yourself and your preparedness—not now, and certainly not in the midst of a survival scenario. ALL of the adults need to have a plan to defend themselves (men AND women) and then you need PEOPLE to help you back up that plan. The Bug Out Bag List is a basic list of essential items to survive for a minimum of seventy-two hours hours period when evacuating you home from a disaster emergency situation.
By dedicating the build of a rifle for this sole purpose, an AR-15 can become the top choice for a semi-automatic sniper system. The rifle can also be used as a backup for the sniper’s bolt-action rifle should it become disabled for any reason. The bolt locks into the barrel extension when it is in battery, and this group of parts lock together to contain the cartridge in the chamber and guide the bullet toward the target. Much time and expense is spent on truing and matching the mating surfaces of these parts when tuning the accuracy in a bolt rifle. The upper receiver touches only the barrel extension where the barrel is held in place by the barrel nut. If the barrel moves while shooting with iron sights, the front sight moves as well and will partially compensate for the variation. If a gunsmith is willing to take a hacksaw to the delta ring and weld spring, a two-piece design such as a Midwest Industries Two-Piece Free-Float Hangaurd can be installed without removing the front sight tower and flash hider. Adjusting to a higher magnification allows more precision for longer ranges or smaller targets.
Backup iron sights will rarely fit under the scope and would require removal of the optic if they did.
It was designed to be fired from a long barreled SAW at a husky potato-fed Soviet soldier wearing a flack jacket. Both Magpul stocks have adjustable length of pull but are longer than standard collapsable stocks. Both rifles will handle CQB and medium range sniping though the SPR carries a slight advantage for CQB due to shorter length and less weight while the DMR leans towards the other direction with less recoil and slightly higher muzzle velocities.
However, if you live in a more populated area, these are some things you must take into consideration in your preparedness efforts in order to ensure your safety and survival.
That will put you in a position in which you will simply need to be sure that you have a sufficient amount of food, household supplies, etc. This means if you’ve got a stove that you need to use indoors, you need to make sure you live in a home that permits the windows to be open—NOT an easy task in the majority of city buildings built after 1990. There’s also the “Big Buddy” or “Little Buddy” indoor propane heater which uses a special canister that allows you to get heat indoors without needing ventilation. Any sounds that comes from your dwelling must sound like everyone else around you who are “surviving.” You MUST be able to completely black out your windows at night as well as the cracks which surround your doors.
In a densely populated area, you run the risk of attracting a LOT more people than you would in a rural area.
Though you will be a bit cramped in your city dwelling as a result of all of your supplies, I strongly suggest that whenever possible you bring in other people who you trust.

Criminals attempt to obtain the low hanging fruit that is readily available to them first and foremost.
It's amazing how far a fresh baked loaf of bread, cinnamon rolls, or cookies can go in establishing a friendship.
Print the Bug Out Bag List using your inkjet or laser printer and start preparing you Bug Out Bag now. Companies such as Leupold, Schmit & Bender, Vortex, Valdada IOR, Millett, and Burris make this type of optic.
Magpul has released an enhanced version of their MBUS flip up iron sight that sports a lower profile for use with low mounted scopes.
Fragmentation requires a properly designed projectile and sufficient velocity to cause fragmentation. Today our soldiers are firing that cartridge from 14.5? barrels at 95 pound insurgents wearing man-dresses and durka durka towels. A shorter stock and higher cheekpiece make little sense for the rifles we are discussing here. They are also fairly heavy for those who wish to add weight for recoil reduction and to better balance the weapon due to the heavier 20” barrel. There are adaptors available to mount Harris or other sling swivel mount bipods to a Picatinny rail. It’s the difference between advertising on a New York City billboard and advertising in the middle of farmland in Chubbuck, Idaho. But for now, I’d like the city dwellers to at least think about how they would handle such a scenario.
They aren’t about to spend their physical energy and resources to traipse 50 miles outside of town to get to that farmhouse. Trust me you can make it happen cheaper a faster than you think if you start small and build on it. The free printable Bug Out Bag List is very basic and you can add other items not included here.
A traditional bolt-action sniper weapon is not ideal for clearing buildings and other close-in work that is common in today’s urban environments.
Some sniper instructors did a demonstration while training designated marksmen that really drove these points home. Rigidity plays a large factor when balancing the barrel’s harmonics and reducing any barrel sway when firing.
They also work against each other: the shorter the stock, the shorter a cheekpiece must be for the charging handle to clear. There are a few companies that produce sturdy grips which split in half to become a traditional style bipod with fully adjustable legs. However, it’s when one of those three luxuries get interrupted that city dwellers will need to be particularly methodical in their preparedness efforts. Just this specially created unit.) Isopropyl alcohol also burns cleanly indoors and is relatively affordable as well. So realize that any survival tools or supplies that you’re using, you run the risk of letting hundreds of thousands of others know that you’ve got them.
Includes items like water bottle, multi-tool, freeze dried food, portable water filter, survival knife, paracord, emergency ration bars, whistle, poncho, compass, tent, fire starter, flashlight, etc. Millett’s DMR-1, while not a Schmitt & Bender by any means, provides solid quality for the price. If possible, utilize both options for added redundancy incase optics become severely damaged while in the field.
I know from experience that a collapsible buttstock on a scoped AR-15 never seems long enough even when wearing body armor.
Some vertical grip bi-pods contain a built-in 120 lumen LED tactical light to combine three essential accessories in one compact package. I’m not the best botanist in the world by any means, but I’ve somehow managed to have a few plants over the years that haven’t died on me.
They are astute when it comes to preparedness, but their preparedness supplies are not enough to protect them. Financial: Lost job, unexpected bills, Spread your risk in other words don't put your all your eggs in 1 basket. The heavier 20” SS barrel stabilizes the rifle better than that of a carbine length barrel allowing the operator to fire slightly faster and more accurately. I like a little more length on a buttstock and a rubber pad to grip body armor when necessary. So it’s possible even for the worst gardener in the world to successfully have some houseplants. Along those lines, allow me to remind you that you must also be vigilant in protecting your home and your supplies. I recommend that they recruit anywhere from 2 to 4 more neighbors that they can trust to live with them during such an event (with the neighbors contributing their own goods and supplies of course).
It seems that most of the optics with ballistic drop compensating reticles for the 5.56 are designed for the M855 or other cartridges with similar trajectories. An adjustable cheekpiece is ok to adjust for different shooters as long as it clears the charging handle. However, I BEG YOU to GET comfortable with the most effective form of self-defense that you can legally use in your area. The group fired from the sandbag rest was several inches higher on the target at only 100 yards. From an M4 barrel, the velocity drops to the point that fragmentation often does not occur past 100 yards.
If you’re permitted to have a gun, GET ONE and get familiar with how to use it proficiently. If you can’t have a gun, then get long-distance pepper spray, an Asp baton, or a heavy-duty baseball bat.

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