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Here in Upstate New York I am shocked to see that my lilacs are beginning to bud, as are my pussy willow trees. I'm wondering if I can plant spring flowering bulbs now (as opposed to waiting until fall).
I lined all my hanging baskets and large planters with a thick layer of leaves,I'm now emptying these containers and I finding black humus has replaced the leaves ond its loaded with roots. Last weekend I was on my way to a farmer’s market in an area of town that I had never been to before. When talking to one of the volunteers I found that New Roots was sponsored by the IRC, or International Rescue Commitee – a great organization that helps refugees from other countries find their footing. As I left the farm, I found myself wishing that I had the space to create as many different hydroponics variations as I could dream up.
Kevin is the creator of Epic Gardening, a community dedicated to teaching urban gardening, hydroponics, and aquaponics. I originally started this post as a debate between formal and informal garden design, and after uploading over 30 images, I realized there really isn’t a debate to be had. Love these gardens, very inspiring as I’m looking for some inspiration for our garden! Information on Striped Cucumber Beetles, Striped Cucumber Beetle management, and pest control. I read that someone used old Christmas trees for trellises, I laughed and thought that was the best Cheapo Idea I have ever heard of, so being a kind of guy that not wanting that person to take all the finger pointing and laughed at I Joined up. How do they make those really cool tall tomato cages I think those would be cool to use for vines of all kinds but where do you get them and how could I make them myself.
This is where I used to make all my trellises and wishing wells and whatever I could think of. I found some fat seed pods while walking my dogs and snatched them up, now I have a lot of hummingbird vine seeds, but couldn't seem to get them to sprout.

In the constant quest for more gardening space, some urban green thumbs are installing "living walls" at home, turning precious wall space into a verdant, vertical surface full of plants. As you can see in this picture, they’ve set up a very simple deep water culture system for growing Bibb lettuce. One day that might be true, but until then I’ll keep touring local farms and sharing their information with all of you! He enjoys skateboarding, piano, guitar, business, and experimenting with all kinds of gardening techniques! Both formal and informal gardens are so incredibly beautiful that I can’t pick one style to prefer over the other.
The clean lines and simple elements transfer well, especially when using materials like slate and concrete.
It was on a trellis when we bought the house, but that is the only place on the property that I can find it. There are a number of do-it-yourself living wall kits, ranging from the chic frames to modular pockets that can be hung on the wall. A couple of people brought in some cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce and exchanged it for some organic heirloom seeds and other fruits and vegetables. I’ll cover those in a future article, but just thought that it was interesting to see exactly how they set up their own system.
Often you see the classic nutrient film technique method being used to grow everything from basil to tomatoes, in a space that is very compact. Hedges are kept neatly trimmed and clipped. Common elements include fountains, statues, arches, ponds, terraces, topiaries, bosquet, and parterre. Honeysuckle Life® is my creative outlet for my adventures in my garden, home, kitchen, and travels.
Looking for input from those who have dealt with the cuke beetles and found a solution that works at least reasonably well.

Now I am hanging on to it just in case I will be able to get out there again and build something.
It looks like they used porous gravel rock and transplanted the plants directly into that medium. If you see a photo you have photographed, styled, designed, produced, or printed and proper credit has not been given, please contact us and ask for credit.
A lettuce that would normally take 50 days to grow to maturity will only take around 30 in a solid deep water culture setup. I especially like the double layered approach to make the most use out of the vertical space in their garden. Please include a link to the post in question, and if available, a link to your original work. The modular design means that the pockets can be arranged into a number of various configurations to fit the space. This kind of setup is what excites me about hydroponics – there are infinite possibilities! If you would like your work removed from the site, please contact us with proof of ownership and a request for removal. Depending on the light exposure available, suitable plants range from ferns, sedums and succulents, to even herbs and vegetables.
The felt pockets are attached to a channelled, rigid back board that lets air flow behind the system, to prevent mold issues, or for those who prefer automation, it can coupled with a pump system.

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