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PopCap Games are very well known for a little game called Peggle and another called Bejewelled, although when we say little they’re absolutely massive, the most recent game to join their blockbuster list is Plants vs. Adventure Mode spans across five locations, Garden day, Garden night, Pool day, Pool fog and the Roof. As well as Xbox 360 exclusive features it still has all the other features available on the Windows version, such as Puzzle games, Mini games, Survival challenges and the Zen Garden all sitting alongside each other to make a great array of addictive gameplay. The puzzle mode is split into two different types; there’s playing the game as the zombies and vase breaker where zombies and plants appear when smashing vases, giving you no option but to strategically plan plants for each row, with no idea to what's inside each vase. The mini games are more varied giving you games to play such as Wall-nut bowling where you are literally bowling with wall-nuts, Beghouled which is a version of bejewelled where you’re swapping plants instead of Jewells, Zombiquarium where you have a zombie aquarium to look after and even Portal combat where zombies come through portals. Survival is exactly what you’d think a survival mode where the waves keep coming at you; however you do get the chance to change your plant loadout after each finished level, making it nice and easy to control your upgrades.
Another Xbox 360 exclusive is the inclusion of Leaderboard houses, you have the choice to pimp out your house and spend loads of money on it to show off to your friends, you can of course leave it as the standard house if you’re struggling for money and trying to grow the tree of wisdom while having to pay Crazy Dave’s crazy prices!
The biggest draw in the game however has to be that whenever you load up the game your plants in the Zen garden will want some water, then after doing that as you’ve got the game loaded you feel you might as well try finishing that puzzle, or do that survival challenge you kept loosing on previously, it has a great draw, especially when achievements are involved and keeps you really wanting more.
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Because of the fog mechanic, certain plants obtained on these levels have the ability to clear them out.
While playing Adventure Mode for the second time, the Zombie Yeti will appear during Level 4-10.
On the back side of the backyard, there are different types of ladders placed on the fence so the zombies can enter. Day is the setting of the first ten levels of Adventure Mode, and is the most basic area in the game, taking place in the front yard of the player's house.
The most frequently used plant on Day levels are Peashooters, as not many Zombies come at first and they can take them down. Zapraszamy do obejrzenia krA?tkiego wywiadu dla eska.tv - zrealizowanego przy okazji wrA™czania nominacji dla Libera i Sylwii na EMA 2009. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Zombies for those that haven’t played it is a tower defence game where you plant flowers and other types of plants to fight off the approaching zombie horde and stop them from eating your brains.

Then each location has 10 levels which you need to complete all featuring different loadouts of zombies and even some mini games, requiring you to choose your seeds wisely.
The zombie puzzles work really well, as after finding out the strengths and weaknesses of plants from playing the adventure mode, you can put it to the test by using these skills as the zombie horde. There are 21 mini games in total, some harder than others, and some may just be down to your placement and a little luck as well.
Survival contains all the locations for the adventure mode, giving you the chance to brush up your skills on your weaker areas of the game.
Zombies is available for almost every format you would want, with even a Nintendo DS release round the corner for those in America. Zombies is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace now for 1200 points, alternatively you can pick it up on Steam for Windows, iPhone or iPad, however you don’t get the exclusive Xbox 360 features on the other formats.
This can be played by using renaming saved file via userdata with no Cheat Engine required. If defeated before it runs away, the Zombie Yeti will drop five diamonds and then will be randomly encountered in other levels. It is the backyard of the house in which the player lives, but unlike the front lawn (where the day and night stages take place) there are six rows on the lawn instead of five. However, it is unknown how can zombies that have heavy loads, counting the Gargantuar, can climb the ladders, especially the wooden ladders that would get wrecked due to heavy weight.
On the defensive side, the Lily Pad was added so non-aquatic plants can be planted in the water. Because sun falls from the sky on these levels, it is easier to attain a large number of plants, although this does not mean the player should plant as many plants as he or she can. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk.
Like any other tower defence title you’ve got different unit types; long range, short range, tanks, mines etc you will find yourself thinking about these plants in a sense like this, setting out your lines on the lawn for the best defence. There are also multiple choices to how you take out the array of undead once you've played through the adventure mode allowing you to unlock puzzle games, mini games, and survival challenges. However for those unfamiliar with the zombie and plant types or if you just want to brush up on your knowledge the Almanac will tell you of all the plants you can use and the zombies you have encountered. Even though I already own the game on Steam, I couldn't resist this version, if it wasn't only for the achievements it was the added modes and higher resolution (1920x1080).
But the player can also play Survival: Night Roof (Endless) on the Night Roof, which requires cheating. Also, in each level, up to two thirds of the lawn is covered in fog (the fog-covered area expands as the player progresses through the stage), in which neither plants nor zombies can be seen.

Also, Squash, Threepeater, Tangle Kelp, Jalapeno, Spikeweed, Torchwood, and Tall-nut are unlocked. Besides these two, the plants the player gains on this stage are the Cherry Bomb, the Wall-nut, the Potato Mine, the Snow Pea, the Chomper, and the Repeater. There are also a variety of co-op modes to play, not constraining it to the normal game type, however if you choose to play normal Plants vs. The conveyor belt should be full and you should have 10 seed slots, or the game will crash. During the final wave (every waves in Survival), Ducky Tube Zombies and their variants surface from random points in the four-by-two rectangle of the pool farthest from the player's house.
Before the player buys Pool Cleaners, Lawn Mowers in the pool rows will kill only the first zombie that steps out of the water, and then splash into the pool. Though, at the beginning of the game, the player's lawn will only have one strip of grass, and as he or she continues, there will be more lawn strips (three in 1-2 and 1-3 and five in 1-4 to 1-10). A wiA™c prawda jest taka: Sylwia Grzeszczak nie prowadzi na dzieA„ dzisiejszy A?adnego osobistego konta na Facebook'u.
Zombies with your friends be ready to only have four slots for seeds, you really have to make sure to work together. Zombies is extremely great for the price that you have to pay (1200) as I have spent so many hours playing it in the evenings, the only issue I would find with it is that I wish the Adventure mode was slightly longer, however with all the other features it is still keeping me entertained. During Level 4-10, a conveyor-belt level, a storm rolls in, making the screen pitch black between the flashes of lightning illuminating the yard. During the final wave in any pool level, Ducky Tube Zombies of all three and types will surface from a four by two rectangle at the far right of the pool with or without seaweed on their heads.
I highly recommend this addictive strategy title for those familiar and unfamiliar with the game and especially to tower defence fans. Along with Adventure Mode levels, there are a couple of mini-games that take place in the fog.
Plants also added in the Fog stage are the Sea-shroom (the aquatic equivalent to the Puff-shroom), Cactus, Pumpkin, and Magnet-shroom.
Also, after obtaining the Magic Taco in Level 4-4, the Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies gains the Gloom-shroom and Cattail for the player to purchase.

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