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Our stock levels are always high, however we cannot always guarantee immediate availability of all items.
At Greenbox Medical we can trace our roots back over 50 years in the field of pharmaceutical and medical procurement. Adventure Medical Kits - Smart Travel First-Aid KitThe Adventure Medical Kits - Smart Travel First-Aid Kit is an essential addition for your outdoor gear.
This kit is designed for travelling abroad, it contains sterile equipment to be handed to a medical professional abroad where the sterility of medical disposables can't be guaranteed. Contains 6x washproof plasters, 6x safety pins, 1x HSE 18 x 18 dressing, 2x antiseptic wipes, 2x triangular bandages, 1x vinyl gloves, 1x first aid advice leaflet.

Should an item be out of stock, we will do our utmost to advise you of the anticipated delivery time and to get the item to you in the shortest possible time. We’re proud of our regional reputation as the North East’s leading provider to Local Authorities, Public Services and major industrial companies of First Aid Kits & Supplies, First Aid Training Supplies and Pharmaceutical Products.
This first-aid kit is compact and lightweight so you can carry it easily and store it anywhere. This Adventure kit is has enough supplies for up to 2 people on a trip lasting various days.
Plus, with this first-aid kit, you get various instruments and medications to help you deal with any wound, illness, and injury.

Get the Adventure Medical Kits - Smart Travel First-Aid Kit to be prepared for any emergency on your outdoor adventures.

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