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Bedrock is an indestructible block which is used as a barrier at the bottom five layers of the Overworld and it is also used at the base and top of the Nether.Obtaining Bedrock in MinecraftBedrock is unobtainable without using Mods or being in Creative Mode. If bedrock is placed ontop of another block or object, it can't be removed without using Mods or changing into Creative Mode.Bedrocks Destructibility in Survival ModeIn Survival Mode, there is a myth that Bedrock can be broken using mass amounts of TNT at once.
Through examining the Minecraft Code, they have found that Multiple TNT explosions will not destroy Bedrock. Minecraft's bedrock has a blast resistance of 18,000,000 but there is not an explosion in the game with that much force to break Bedrock.
It is also impossible to break Bedrock by hitting it or even mining it with a diamond pickaxe, no matter how long you spend trying to break bedrock it will not be destroyed.Creative ModeIn Creative Mode, Bedrock is easily broken in just one hit as well as any other blocks.

If a player is in creative, they can use it as a building block, use it as dark texture on a build or landscape.
In multiplayer servers, server ops can place and break bedrock while normal players cannot. This can make Bedrock a useful material for building a jail for members who have done something wrong. Bedrock can also be used on multiplayer servers as a barrier for fluids like water and lava, just to stop people flooding the server and causing problems.The Void FogThe Void Fog is a black fog that is emitted by the Void. As a player progresses closer to the void and bedrock the fog because more dense and easier to see.

In a superflat world or in Creative Mode the void fog is removed.If your ever curious about what lies beneath, just remember there's always something standing in your way between you and the void.

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