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Sure, Batman and Superman may be more well known, but they couldn’t rock stilettos and kick ass at the same time. Pokémon Go has only been out for a few days now and has already climbed its way to the top of the app charts while consuming the lives of players. Then again 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins was probably thinking nothing of exploring along the Big Wind River to make her next catch.
After climbing a fence and getting a closer look the teen realized the something was a someone in the water. Wiggins immediately called 911 to report the discovery, with local police later revealing that cause of death of the adult male found seemed to be an accidental drowning.
Pokémon Go combines real-world elements to its characters, meaning that water-type creatures will be hiding near real water sources.
It seems like gamers are spending every free moment hunting down these characters, whether it's searching around the house, at work, and more strange places like cemeteries and dangerous neighborhoods.

One user reported almost crashing his car when trying to catch a Geodude that was on the side of the highway. It's important to remember this is just a game, so think twice before doing things like breaking into someone's property, going into a dangerous part of town, or even through a cemetery for the sake of Pokémon Go.
That's because the augmented reality game has players walking around their cities to catch 'em all.
The Wyoming teen went out to catch a Pokémon from a "natural water resource" in the early morning of Friday, July 8.
It makes sense why the teen would walk in that direction, but goes to show that players might be finding more than what they expect sometimes. For example, people are doing some straight up silly things in order to collect the characters in the game. There is also a story making its rounds on social media that a player caused a major accident on the highway after putting his car in park to catch Pikachu.

In just a few short days, it has transformed the mobile gaming scene, showing what is possible when virtual and real worlds collide. But as she got closer to the water, she realized something was floating in the river— and it wasn't Squirtle or Psyduck. Users began using the hashtag #dontpokemongoanddrive to remind others that it's not worth it to play and drive.

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