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I’ve been working on my survival kit list for both an earthquake survival kit and hurricane survival kit for almost two years now.
I found this tool, the Annihilator Utility and Wrecking Bar, on one of the online boards I read and thought it would make an excellent addition to my earthquake survival kit.
My survival kit storage area where I keep all of my supplies for my earthquake survival kit is a mess. I found that my construction and demolition tools were pretty sparse on my survival kit list for an earthquake survival kit and have started to put some focus into those. My strategy has been to create and then update a survival kit list from my ongoing research, adding an item from my survival kit list to my survival kit each month.
I added it to my survival kit list several months ago and then when it came up in the queue, I purchased it on Amazon.
I’m not sure how a seed package might help an earthquake survival kit but for long term emergency or disaster planning it makes a lot of sense.
My staging and storage area for my hurricane survival kit was a complete mess and that needs to be cleaned up. Water filter – Without water you can only last 3 days, so having a way to filter your water is crucial. Survival knife – Having a good knife will help you build a shelter, clean game and even hunt for food plus provides minimal protection if needed.

Fire starter – Having a way to build fire can not only save you from hypothermia but is also lifts your moral. Tarp or a Military Poncho – There are several different shelters that you can make with a tarp or a military poncho. Hatchet – Having a hatchet will come in handy for building shelters, splitting firewood, protection, and cutting or digging through snow or ice. First aid kit – Having a good first aid kit is mandatory if you spend anytime outdoors.
Paracord – There are so many ways you can use paracord, from setting a snare to constructing a shelter. Actually, I think it’s more properly a tool for construction or demolition but it made me realize that I don’t have a sufficient amount of construction or demolition tools in my survival kit list or hurricane survival kit.
While I’m regimented enough to make regular additions to my hurricane survival kit from my survival kit list, I frequently just pony that item down to the basement and set it on a table – to be dealt with later. At any rate, I’m reluctant to include something on my survival kit list that has not been tested so I used a few of the seeds in the survival kit seed package to plant a raised bed garden. My trial of survival kit seed packages is going well – especially for the need-to-have plants in my survival kit list for an earthquake survival kit. The last thing you want to do is get sick during a survival situation. Remember not all water filters remove viruses see contaminant size chart here.

A knife and lighter as an example are perfect as together can be used to assist you in producing everything you would need in an urban survival situation. Not only am I exposed to some very creative thinking and ideas, I also get a feeling of satisfaction that I’m more prepared than I was and that I’m doing the right thing for my family.
Vetbond to use for wound closure, some QuikClot to stop bleeding and a venom extractor kit for snakebites. I don’t know if I’ll ever need an earthquake survival kit or a hurricane survival kit, but if I do, I’ll certainly be ready! Well, that ends up being a mess and actually defeats the purpose of having a ready to use earthquake survival kit. Don’t be fooled by the very large tomatoes – I didn’t use seeds for those – I bought those plants. The minor plants, those that are more comfort-oriented than protein-oriented are not doing so well. In my opinion, that’s OK as I doubt that I’d want to waste time with lettuce and chives when my family needed protein and carbohydrates.

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