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Here is the coming festival season in December and January we have the delicious sweets, chocolates, cakes, ice-creams etc. Take limited amount in number of times so that you don’t feel heavy and you can digest easily as well you can burn those in mean time. Enjoy your shopping by carrying your luggage an choose stairs instead of lift you can burn some calories here. Schedule for one day program and skip entire sugar contain items and go for regular exercise and in a week you can your foods of unlimited 3 days of your choice. Most probably you have to know the calories of item and be particular that if you want eat any item, you have to know the calories of that item.
Don’t take alcohol these times as it wont give any proteins or don’t have any vitamins it will give only calories.
If you are attending any party don’t go with empty stomach have a full of water content and you will very less whatever you want mostly prefer soups of your choice it will make your stomach full. Or else you can take lunch of your choice with full of sweets and candies take in breakfast only juice. Break to your work out make it as 15 min in half an hour go for shopping for an hour and go for with your luggage for 30 mins you don’t put so much work out on festive seasons.
Festive is not only eating or making sweets it’s a time for enjoyment schedule for program and invite your relative plan for giving gifts arranging them is also a work and it will also makes you to burn calorie  even if you eat so much on that day.
Get together all your relatives at on spot like living room enjoy and make a dance having full of josh as you dancing is also a one type of exercise. If you are going to do the cooking, know what you’re going to prepare and opt for healthy recipes. You may not be able to skip the steak, but at least you can pair this with a non-fattening side dish, such as a fresh salad.
People who are too busy rarely find the time to eat and when they do, they don’t manage to devour much. If the climate doesn’t include any snow, you may just be an urban sprite and go to a few parties this Christmas.
Everywhere you look these days are tips, suggestions, supplements, and exercises for losing weight. Instead of being reactive to a lifetime of poor lifestyle choices, why not be proactive in preventing unwanted weight gain and subsequent health issues with better, healthier habits.

This season you will enjoy with sparking lights, mist atmosphere along delicious sweets but, you have to manage your weight controls by closing your with plaster no need to these we can manage your weight by eating delicious sweets with regular follow up of exercises that to no need to spend whole time by doing your regular duties you can follow up those.
If you want go for shopping prefer walking instead of going in vehicle as it is best and need to spend whole time again for your exercise. Combat holiday weight gain with 10 of my favorite tips to stay healthy and active this season!
Outdoor activities! One great way to avoid holiday weight gain and boost your activity level this winter is to find an outdoor activity that you can get into. Snow skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing are among my favorites. Plan time for yourself: If you and your family is anything like me and my family – Dec is a circus! Don’t leave this for the last minute, or you risk cooking only easy, deep-fried dishes. One can still have the season’s culinary experiences and celebrate along with everyone else. The lights, the music, the special spirit of the season, and of course – getting together with family and friends! During the winter months it’s a little harder to be active because of the cold weather outside. Building a snowman, sledding, and ice skating are all great family activities to do with the family and help fight the winter-time stir-crazies with the kiddos!
I was just looking at my calendar the other day – all of our Saturdays are full until after Christmas! Go to the gym, go on a run, any of the activities in #3 above – having a partner counting on you will also increase your compliance. When you arrive at your party or get-together – don’t hang out by the food table! I'm 38-years-young now & this is my journey to be an authority figure in the fitness industry. Unfortunately, most of these activities involve food, and even more unfortunately most of the time this food around the holidays isn’t the healthiest. The only thing better than the calorie burn is the memories you’ll make with your family. There are so many fun indoor activities you can do inside to increase your activity and burn some calories!

One great tip to avoid gaining weight this time of year is to schedule time for yourself right now. I would encourage you to take it one step further and ask each other about your eating habits on at least a weekly basis.
Unfortunately at these parties there aren’t always the healthiest food and drink options available. What if just monitoring or tweaking 5 things in our daily lives could stop the insidious gain and maintain a healthy body?
You don’t need a rec center, a gym membership, or even a bunch of fancy equipment to get in a great workout. Racquetball, swimming, basketball, spinning, and Zumba are all great options to shed some calories while staying warm and toasty! Schedule a workout, a hike, a swim, or whatever – and put it down on your schedule right now!
People like to mingle and socialize and usually that involves a plate of food or a drink in your hand.
Meet friends and relatives, go skating, go for a walk, visit the countryside or the mountains, have crafting sessions, gift giving etc.
Playing around in the snow, regardless of your age, will keep you slim and will fight back all those calorie laden foods. Click here to be see dozens of great workouts you can do at home that don’t take much time (perfect for the busy holiday season!). That way you have the time reserved and scheduled that can’t be interrupted by a lot of the other things that come up this time of the year.
Having someone close to you that you will report to regularly will do wonders to increase your exercise frequency and diet consistency.
My advice is this – grab your plate and remove yourself as far from the table as possible. You’ll be a lot less apt to snack on food if you have to cross a large room and a lot of people to get to it.

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