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At least two free weapons are obtainable in Origins, which are both Pack-a-Punched; The Magna Collider and one random one. Once the Maxis Drone collects all 4 gold discs, there will be a free Magna Collider waiting for you by the Pack-a-Punch machine.
Depending on your skill level, this gun may be easier to get as it doesn’t involve finding any parts.
Once you get 115 headshots, head to one of the challenge containers (there’s one in the spawn room, and one by Generator 6) and reap your hard-earned reward.
If you already have 4 perks, you can still pick up the free perk bottle for spending 30,000 points, leaving you with 5.
This can be avoided by buying perks only from machines so you don’t accidentally get Double Tap. The information on finding the staffs is fairly lengthy, so I’ve saved it for page 2 of this article. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 took players to a futuristic setting for the first time back in 2012.
Prepare for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare with a full week of Double XP in the Call Of Duty titles already released. Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil strategy guide with everything you need to know about the latest zombie adventure.
For more help on Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil, read our Buildable Parts Locations, How to Build Pack-a-Punch Machine and Unlock Dead Ops 2 Arcade. Shadows of Evil is divided into Canal District, Footlight District, and Waterfront District connected by a central area called the Junction. Similar to earlier zombies map, it’s recommended to have a team running around with you as you’ll quickly get overwhelmed while running solo. In this guide, I’ve tried to cover everything there is to know about the Shadows of Evil including points of interest, perk-a-cola locations, and other important aspects.
If you don’t prefer roaming around on foot, you can also use the train to travel across three districts around the junction for a small fee. These little creatures dash towards their targets and explode dealing damage to all nearby players. These behemoth melee creatures can get you down in only a couple of hits and can only be damaged by shooting them in the yellow spots once their maw opens. Upon dying, these creatures charge towards you dealing massive amount of damage and even killing you with a single hit. In order to kill Margwa quickly, you should definitely consider using Ray Gun and Haymaker.
You’ll come across outlines of various weapons embedded in walls -– these weapons range from pistols to assault rifles –- and must be bought using points. Dig is the first of two Apocalypse maps that brings back a fan-favorite death arena from one of Treyarch’s previous Call of Duty games. Ryan: Depending on the game mode, your equipment loadout is going to make a huge difference, especially your killstreaks. Much like Dig, Frost’s symmetrical layout favors balanced play in objective-based game modes. The three lanes that cross the map are largely cut off from one another, with only a handful of pathways available for moving from one area to the next. Takeoff is the other remake map in Apocalypse, this time re-skinning Stadium from the first Black Ops DLC pack as a spaceport on a rig in the Pacific Ocean. Takeoff is one of the rare Call of Duty maps that really encourages multi-role play, at least as much as such a thing can exist in a fast-paced game like this one.
Ryan: I preferred an assault rifle here too, because the balconies and overlooks will eventually be occupied and you can often hit enemies from a distance before they have a chance to orientate if you are expecting them. Generators: Spread across the Origins map are six large machines, marked by signs as generators one through six. Generators cost points to power up, and the price is 200 points per each player in the game, which is all paid out by one person. Der Wunderfizz: Origins features a new type of Perk delivery system, called Der Wunderfizz. Much like the Mystery Box, Der Wunderfizz machines are randomly activated and available for a limited number of uses. The best bet for bringing down a Panzer Soldat is to lead him to the tank and scramble up on top of it. Giant freaking robots: There are three giant robot mech things that wander around the map, crushing anything unlucky enough to be caught under their feet. Shooters, no doubt RPGs are the most entertaining Platformers, old and new I wish there were more adventure games!
Cutting his gaming teeth at Aladdin's Castle and on the Commodore 64, JC entered into video game journalism in 2008. Alcune informazioni su Call of Duty Black Ops 3’s Zombies sono state diffuse da quello che si e presentato come un nuovo dipendente Activision.

L’informatore ha passato alcuni succosi dettagli al canale YouTube BiblicalReaper, che ne ha ovviamente fatto un video. A quanto pare, Treyarch sta utilizzando un nuovo sistema di classificazione che non ha Prestigio. Per quanto riguarda la trama stessa, Treyarch ha evitato il classico caso virale super abusato. Per migliorare la tua navigazione su questo sito, utilizziamo cookie ed altre tecnologie che ci permettono di riconoscerti. The previous article covers basic tips and can be found here, this article covers free weapons, perks and staffs, and there will be more in the future covering Achievements.
The first part is found on the table in the starting room, the second will be found on top of or near to the Excavation Site, and the final part is near the Church, often in the mud. By spending 30,000 points and then visiting one of the challenge containers, a free perk bottle will be given to the player.
The game introduced a number of concepts and weapons that seemed to resonate with the Call of Duty fanbase.
You can interact with these braziers to turn into the beast mode for a limited duration of time. This allows you to quickly reach any perk located in another district or to avoid getting overwhelmed by a zombie horde. You’ll know if a wave has one of these special zombies by the fogginess at the start of the round. While you’re playing with a full team, make sure to assign someone to deal with these enemies while others deal with common foes. Apocalypse, the fourth and final map pack for Treyarch’s Black Ops 2, is officially here to demand your time and attention.
This one is World at War‘s Courtyard map, now re-skinned as a sprawling archaeological dig site. Low sets of stairs lead to slightly raised platforms that offer good sightlines across the entire map.
A frozen canal runs down the middle of the map, with one wide bridge connecting its two halves in the center and a narrower footbridge creating an alternate route. Strategically placed windows and overlooks give both teams the ability to keep overwatch eyes on the canal. It’s a deceptively flat map, with no elevated locations that players can access despite an abundance of high walls and towering residential pods.
Like Pod, Takeoff features an asymmetrical layout, roughly designed around three lanes of travel.
When this happens, a stylized circular icon appears as an indicator of where the thieving zombie is. Blood Money only appears when you dig it up using a shovel; collecting it earns you a random number of points. Get on top of it and hit the button on the panel that you find there to send the war machine trundling off on a circuitous path around the map.
Due to a timed-exclusivity agreement with Microsoft, Xbox LIVE subscribers will get all DLC content first. Si guadagna il proprio posto in classifica con l’accumulo di azioni in-game, tra cui uccisioni, colpi alla testa e altro. Questa volta, gli zombie sono frutto del voodoo, con un mix di maledizioni egiziane e forse, anche un po’ di viaggi nello spazio. Once you find a build station (one is very close to the third part, behind the tank), add all of the parts to the Maxis Drone and pick it up.
The beast mode allows you to gain extra movement speed, gain new powers to interact with environment –- such as activating power switches –- and new abilities.
It’s highly recommended to you deal with these special enemies first before focusing on the common ones. Suppressing the desire to hurl a game disc in anger is every Call of Duty player’s basic rite of passage. The mid-sized, roughly symmetrical layout makes Dig a great choice for any of Black Ops 2‘s objective-based game modes.
Fearless players can climb up even higher to completely exposed, centrally located platforms. The raised platforms Adam mentioned, or the multiple walls that protect the back of either weapon, make it difficult to destroy either weapon without an EMP. Each half of the map is highlighted by a cluster of buildings gathered around a main street, with alleys and side doors offering flanking routes. The central bridge crossing is a dangerous trek to make solo, as it’s quickly become a favorite killing field for snipers.
The lack of elevated roosts and emphasis on action over ambush means that Pod generally favors short- and mid-range players more than it does snipers. There is a small tunnel players need to run through to get to A, which can be held with relative ease – as long as you have a weapon that can keep you out of range of the inevitable barrage of grenades.

This one is more intricate, however, with a wider assortment of routes to choose from in any given lane, and a handful of elevated positions that aim to punish those careless enough to run freely across the central part of the map.
Assaulters should work to keep a firefight raging in the area around the centrally located fountain, and in the launch center’s wide corridor that bridges the east and west corners in the southernmost portion of the map. Origins heads back to World War I, and to the moment that Tank, Takeo, Dempsey, and Richtofen teamed up for the very first time. If the player that spent points to activate the generator can stay on the grating for the entire charging process, their points are refunded.
Spend 1,500 points on an active Der Wunderfizz machine and you’ll get a randomly chosen perk. Once a player grabs a shovel, it’s held onto for the rest of the match, even if said player dies and respawns in the next round.
The tank spits flames out of its front and sides while moving, but it eventually needs to stop and spend multiple minutes cooling down roughly halfway around the map. At that point, have one player introduce his face to a swarm of bullets while the rest of the players worry about zombie crowd control. The Zombie Shield returns with a slightly different look, and its three parts appear in random locations. Besides which, this guide does you no good if you’re busy crying over shards of shattered plastic.
While the heaviest firefights tend to flare up around the two centrally located pits, an abundance of flanking routes and well-concealed pathways help prevent any engagement from descending into a stalemate. Regardless of the game mode, you need to keep moving – leaving traps in narrow areas can also be a great way to piss off the opposing team.
To flank the enemy, you’re better off taking the footbridge or the frozen chunk of canal near the boat in the southern portion of the map. The team spawns are also highly susceptible to surprise attacks and spawn-campers due to the abundance of nooks and crannies arrayed around them. Shotguns and SMGs, meanwhile, benefit from learning the flanking routes in the launch center and around the buildings clustered in the northern section of the map. Speaking of, flack jackets, smoke, and trophy systems are a huge help if you are trying to defend a position or capture a domination point. Fail to do so and you’ll have to charge it up again, just like you did the first time. The selection draws not just from the machines on the map but also from all of the perks that have ever been in a Zombies mode. Once you’ve got a shovel, you can use it to dig up the small mounds of dirt and bones that are scattered around the map.
The player that collects it can move faster and won’t be attacked by zombies for a full 30 seconds.
Note as well that the Panzer Solder is susceptible to one-hit kills if you’ve got an Insta-Kill active, but only if you manage to score a headshot. Note as well that climbing up boats offers a quick, if risky, route to get the drop on anyone that may be crossing the central bridge.
The arena in the launch center is a great place to cut through if you want to try to sneak around and flank, as surprisingly few people bother to look there. So, for example, Der Wunderfizz can give you PhD Flopper even though there’s no such machine for it on the map. Their outward appearance also takes the form of a zombie while the power-up effects are active.
They’re huge, they spit fire out of front-mounted flamethrowers, and they have a claw that they can use to grab a distant player with. You can always find the brain jar in the starting spawn area; the other two parts appear in several different, completely random locations.
Something to stem that nagging urge you’re feeling to turn your Black Ops 2 disc into an angrily flung Frisbee.
Pathways skirting around the edge of the map provide lots of cover, and the two pits amount to deadly ambush locations for those that are brave enough to try controlling the central section of the map. The center, on the other hand, can be a death trap, but if you are quick enough to make it through you can occasionally catch people unaware who aren’t expecting anyone to be that crazy. Simply dig whenever it starts snowing, and there’s a chance that one of the three staff pieces will appear. Just make sure you grab the part and get out quick by interacting with one of the tubes at the back of the head.

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