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Graphics:When I first saw my brother playing Minecraft,I saw the 8-bit graphics and thought it was just some really simple game you could complete in 2 hours.
Please keep the comments clean by not posting advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks. Because of Minecraft,exploring,killing a bunch of monsters,building works of art,and a bunch of other stuff just got addicting. In Creative Mode,you just create things,and in Survival Mode,you build a TON of things to help you survive in your world.

I kind of regret saying that now,because playing the game got its art installed in my head permanently. When you walk on grass,it sounds like you’re really walking on grass,and when you enter a cave,it makes an eerie noise. To me,they’re a big part of the gameplay,since they can help you with things like knowing if you should go to that place or not and tell you when the Creepers and stuff are going to come out. I would’ve given it a 9,but it really drove me mad in the beginning when there was no tutorial.

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