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With load of gruesome pictures and more than enough gory tales, The Zombie Survival Guide is the survivors' bible to prevent the undead from eating your brainsl. Let’s face it.  As we cope with an onslaught of new channels, devices, screen sizes and platforms, we’re simply outmatched. If you’re feeling like a content zombie these days, it’s time to wake up and look alive.  Here are 8 steps to get you started. Does your current organizational structure facilitate content collaboration with a focus on the customer?

With reams of data about customers and consumers at our disposal, there’s simply no excuse not to dig into the data.  Be smart about defining those metrics that will provide the most useful insights in developing and distributing content. No detail is too small, no stone is left unturned in this most comprehensive of weird books which covers everything from zombie psychology to self-defense to weaponry.
Yet, surviving this content zombie apocalypse is possible.  It will require the ability for content creators, designers and developers alike to adapt and adopt a new mental model. Develop a single site using responsive design allowing content to be consumed in any device?

The best way to keep ‘em coming back for more (and telling all their fans and friends in the process) is to create content experiences that resonate with consumers on a personal level.
Doing so will likely require changes in your organization’s culture.  It’s hard work but critical to the success of any content strategy.

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