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The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning is an interactive online video game announced by AMC on February 8, 2012. Shane finds that Gary Taylor shot his daughter Patty's boyfriend's, Paul's head off with a shotgun.
At the King County Police Station, Leon reports to Shane that Robb looks terrible and stinks. The following are media and merchandise that are related and based on both the Comic Series and TV Series of The Walking Dead. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. A ansiedade por mais informacoes da 6? temporada de The Walking Dead e tanta que as vezes pode nos enganar. Com pouco mais de 2 minutos de duracao, o video e uma montagem de diversas cenas da serie de TV, com algumas edicoes interessantes, como a parte que compara Rick com o Governador.

Novamente, o trailer e apenas uma montagem de fas, nao tendo relacao alguma com material oficial. DISCLAIMERThe Walking Dead e todos os nomes relacionados sao de propriedade de Robert Kirkman, Skybound LLC., AMC e associados.
Esta obra foi licenciada sob uma Licenca Creative Commons Atribuicao-NaoComercial 3.0 Brasil.
Leon says that he has picked up a man called Robb Spanner at a place called The Rusty Nail. As Don begins to open the jail cell, Lori texts Shane that she is going to see Rick at the hospital.
E no final, aparece Glenn, um bastao de beisebol com arame farpado e uma risada, indicando a chegada de Negan. O trailer da 6? temporada de The Walking Dead provavelmente sera lancado durante a San Diego Comic-Con, no inicio de Julho.
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Gary's daughter, Patty, walks into the police station with a suspicious bloody wound and explains that her boyfriend Paul had a fever all day and when he woke up, he was violently crazy.
Shane pulls him away, as he remembers their romantic relationship together, Shane kills the zombified Patty with a shot to the head.
It shows Leon being jumped from behind by a now undead Don, hinting that was how he became infected. Todo o material divulgado (fotos, videos e informacoes) sao de propriedade dos respectivos canais e com fins de distribuicao para divulgacao. Heller complains that she was attacked by a teenager; then Shane has a few options, either to see if she's hurt or ask her what she knows about the Taylors.
Shane shoots Robb several times with no effect, he then shoots him in the head, killing him.

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