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Navis Sport is een all-round sportzaak, die voorziet in de behoefte van de sportende mens in Aalten. Governor Kaine has campaigned vigorously to raise taxes and fees to fund higher transportation spending. Navis Sport heeft een grote collectie voor voetbal, running, tennis en de diverse zaalsporten.
In 2007, Kaine helped pass a large revenue package that included tax and fee increases, higher penalties for driving infractions, and the creation of regional taxing authorities within Virginia. But spending was flat the second year, and then declined 14 percent during Kaine’s final two years as the economy entered recession.

The Virginia Supreme Court struck down the unelected tax authorities, and citizens hated the new driver penalties so much that they were repealed.
Kaine supported a few tax cuts in 2007, including an increase in the bottom threshold of the individual income tax and a repeal of the estate tax.
He grew-up worshiping Neil Peart of the band Rush, and loves the song Tom Sawyer—the name of his family’s boat, a Grady-White Canyon 306. But in 2008, he is promoting an even bigger transportation plan that would increase taxes and fees by $1.1 billion annually, and he is advocating higher state borrowing to fund education and transportation. He writes to you sometimes from Key West or Mattapoisett, MA (where he grew up), but mostly from Newport, RI or his family’s log cabin in the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire.

On spending, Kaine promoted a big increase in his first budget, but has favored greater restraint since then.

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